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INTIMINA Laselle Set
Laselle is a training ball born in Sweden.
based on the advice of midwives and other experts.By connecting balls of different weights, you can use it in up to six different weight patterns.

INTIMINA Laselle Set

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●Material: Medical grade silicone
●Weight: 28g,38g,48g
●Manufacturer: INTIMINA (Sweden)
●Country of manufacture:China

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INTIMINA is a femtech brand that was born in 2009 in Sweden, a country advanced in sex education.
The brand policy is "to deliver products and information that solve women's specific health problems that occur at every stage of life, from the first menstruation to menopause.
Our goal is to create a society where women, regardless of age or location, can easily reach the right information and products they need.
With well-being and sustainability at the forefront of our minds, we are committed to creating products that meet the needs of women.

It is said that 1/3 of adult women suffer from a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles. The loss of muscle strength that occurs with childbirth and age can cause vaginal loosening and urinary leakage.
The INTIMINA Laselle is a training ball created based on the advice of midwives and other experts. It comes with three balls of different weights, and by connecting the balls, you can use them in up to six different weights. By connecting the balls, you can use the ball in up to 6 different weights, allowing you to change the ball according to the level you want to train and your physical condition on that day.

How to use

Choose one of the three balls of different weights to use. Choose one of the three balls of different weights and start with the lighter one, then switch to the heavier one as you get used to it.

Relax your body and insert the ball about 2 cm deep from the entrance while making sure to point the string downward and out of your body. It is recommended to use a water-based lotion at this time. Please note that silicone based lotions and massage oils cannot be used together. You can use any posture when inserting it, but it is easier if you sit on the floor, lie down, or raise one leg in a comfortable position with a cushion around your waist.

With the device in place, go about your daily life as usual, including walking, housework, and commuting. Use it for about 5 minutes at first, and when you get used to it, increase the time to 10 or 15 minutes. Use the ball for no more than one hour a day. There is no need to do any special training. Do not use it when you are not moving, such as while sleeping.

You can get even better results by consciously training while using the ball. Pull the ball upward with your muscles as if you were wrapping it around your vagina and hold the position for 2-10 seconds. Relax and return the ball to its original position. Repeat the process.

The body is made of smooth medical grade silicone and is easy to clean before and after use. Clean it thoroughly with a delicate-zone soap, mild acidic soap, or toy cleaner.

Use Laselle and enjoy your body more.

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