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FemmeFit Advanced Pelvic floor muscle training set
FemmeFit is a vaginal training ball 6pcs set for women. Six different weight balls inside which is the widest range in our shop allow anyone including beginners to strengthen vaginal pelvic floor musc


FemmeFit Advanced Pelvic floor muscle training set

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●Material: Silicone
●Made In Chaina

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The "vaginal training" has become a hot topic in recent years.
It is said that tightening the low pelvic muscles that support the pelvis can lead to deeper orgasms.
Because an orgasm is a muscle contraction.
The mechanism is that the more you train your low pelvic muscles, the stronger your contractions, the deeper your orgasms, and the easier it is to cum.

It's not just that.
Working out your low pelvic muscles can help with worrisome urinary incontinence, constipation, coldness and swelling.
In addition, since the inner muscle around the waist is strengthened, the waist becomes slimmer and slimmer.
There are many problems that can be solved by doing vaginal training, and there are many happy benefits.

The low pelvic musculature can be strengthened through exercise, but if you want to feel the effects faster and more efficiently, we recommend the vaginal training ball. When you think of dumbbells to train the pelvic floor muscles, is it easy to imagine?

A lot of vaginal training goods are dealt with in Rabupi, especially popular vaginal training set "FemmeFit".
The set of various six levels of weights is popular for a wide range of levels from vaginal beginners who start today to vaginal athletes who can easily use a heavy ball! It is a popular product because it can correspond to a wide range of levels and it is easy to improve the level of the vagina.

The FemmeFit's heaviest ball is 130 grams, which is the heaviest of all Lovepie products, but the FemmeFit Advanced set is even heavier and is designed for advanced users who want to take it to the next level.

The lightest pink ball is the lightest in the set at 125g, so that's where we start.
As the color becomes darker, it becomes heavier (125g/165g/200g).
Under normal circumstances, if the weight exceeds 70g, it is suitable for intermediate anglers and above, and if it exceeds 100g, it is suitable for advanced anglers.
This means that the FemmeFit Advanced, starting from 125g, is now at the Olympia level...! If the FemmeFit training is not enough for you, please give it a try.

How to use it.
1.First, wash the bowl with warm water and soap.
2.Start with the lightest weight. It is easy to insert one of the legs while putting it on a step or a chair.
3.Turn the one with the string downward and insert it gently. If you feel dry, sore or uncomfortable, apply a water-based lotion to the tip to make it easier to put in.
The string should remain outside the vagina. Never let them in.
5.After insertion, tighten the low pelvic muscles and they will enter the vagina as they are pulled up. Stay in that position for 2 minutes, then proceed to the next weight when you can hold with only the low pelvic muscles. Follow these steps to find the right ball for you.
If you can't find a ball that you can hold for 6.2 minutes, you can start training from that ball.
7.Hold the ball once or twice a day for as long as you can so that it doesn't fall; once or twice a day, hold it in for 10-15 minutes, and when it doesn't fall after walking, coughing, or going up and down the stairs, that's the goal. This is a guide to the next weight.

The training time of 15 minutes is surprisingly short!
There is a type of vaginal training goods that you can train gradually by spending a long time in the state of insertion, but this is a dumbbell type that you train by weight, so you can concentrate for a short time! However, this is a dumbbell type to train by weight, so you can concentrate on short term!
There are so many weights that it takes a lot of muscle just to hold it for 15 minutes to keep it from falling off, and some of the staff said that their thighs and buttocks would become dimly muscular before they got used to it.

In addition, the 125g/165g ball contains a "rollable ball" that moves in a rollable manner when you shake it (like the image of a peanut shell and a bean inside).
Here, the vibration that moves in the vagina becomes a stimulus to the muscle, and because it trains the pelvic low muscle, the effect is up by weight + stimulation!

The silicone used has a smooth and silky texture.
The cord is also made of soft silicone and is designed to be 10cm long, so you can remove it without worry.
It is better to use a water-based lotion during penetration to prevent friction to the vagina.
If you want to work out even more! If you want to work out even more, please give it a try.

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