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YES OB natural plant-oil based lubricant 7mL
It is a 99.8% organic oil lotion. It has an amazing long-lasting lubricating effect and is hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, so it is safe to use. It is a used up pillow type (7ml)!


YES OB natural plant-oil based lubricant 7mL

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●INGREDIENTS:Helianthus annuus,Butyrospermum parkii, Prunus dulcis,Bees wax Cera alba ,Theobroma cacao,Tocopherol
●Made in United Kingdom

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This is a use up pillow type of YES water lotion, a popular lotion at the LOVE PIECE CLUB. The lotion on the palm of your hand in the photo is the entire pillow (7ml)! I want to try various types of lotions! I want something that's easy to carry around and store! It is recommended for those who want to try various types of lotions!

YES is a brand created by two women in 2003.
The two have worked for many years for the international pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer. When Pfizer invented Viagra, when men suffering from impotence were able to penetrate with the drug, they realized what they needed on the women's side, and in fact, when they started researching lotions, they were surprised to find that there were so few lotions that women felt comfortable using.They went independent in 2003 and spent 10 years developing a lotion that is safe for women's bodies with a strong focus on natural ingredients.

YES OB natural plant-oil based personal lubricant a 99.8% organic oil-based lotion.
Recommended for those who feel pain during sex and couples who have sex for the first time in a long time. It is also recommended for those who want to use something more natural and gentle to the body when having long and slow sex or anal sex.

An oil-based lotion that protects the skin and mucous membranes and lasts a long time. In terms of staying power, silicone lotions are not to be outdone, but the oil has a good point in that it uses natural ingredients that not only lubricate but also moisturize and condition the skin.

At first, try serving a quantity about the size of a cherry. When you take it out of the tube, it's a little bit slippery, not so much that it becomes angular, but it's a little hard. However, if you stretch it with your fingers, it will stretch amazingly. It doesn't have the sticky feeling that you might imagine when you hear the word "oil". It's like silk or velvet and feels so good that you want to keep touching it.

After use, just wipe off with a clean towel or tissue and your skin will be silky smooth. It doesn't feel sticky or lingering at all.

99.8% organic, an extremely pure natural oil. It also contains vitamin E. It helps to plump, moisturize and smooth the skin.
It's organic, so you can smell a little bit of the plant. However, there is no yucky feeling. It has a relaxing scent that makes you feel like you're sinking into nature.

It can be used with toys such as silicone, Pyrex and stainless steel. It's nice to be able to use a lotion that lubricates so well with a toy. It's a fun way to try out types you've never tried before. However, please do not use it with latex toys.

※If you are using a condom, please be sure to use polyurethane. Do not use with latex condoms.

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