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ZALO Queen Jewel Green
QUEEN is the way to go! It's a toy that can be enjoyed as both a suction vibe and a G-spot vibe. Enjoy an orgasm of a different dimension without direct contact with your clitoris!


ZALO Queen Jewel Green

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●Material: Premium silicone, ABS resin, Swarovski
●Size: Length: 216mm, Diameter: 35mm, Handle: 42mm
●Weight: 165g, Attachment: 30g
●Sound: 40dB, ★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
●Charging method: USB charging
●Charging time: 2 hours of quick charging, 1 hour of continuous use
●Vibe pattern: 8 types for the main body + 7 types for the smartphone (3 types of original patterns)
●Pulse pattern: 8 types
●With heat function
●Waterproof: Life waterproof
●Manufacturer's warranty: 1 year
●Manufacturer: ZALO
●Made in China
●With Japanese instruction manual
●With toy sack

販売価格:¥19,800 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01091031

Points obtained: 900 LPC Points

The QUEEN, the suction vibe that is now attracting the most attention in the world!

Since the vibe was invented in 2015 to gently suck without touching the clitoris, there has been a big wave that says it has changed the image of the most women's sex lives, the way they pleasured themselves, and the toy right now.
In this context, QUEEN thinks that the LPC is the final form, and that this is the highest level.

It doesn't touch the clitoris directly, just put the cup part over the clitoris and turn it on, gently sucking on the clitoris.
It's like being gently licked and sucked by a tongue. It's a tantalizingly delicate suction. There are various suction vibrators, and the sound is very loud, and the sucking power is strong, and it hurts too much...The individuality is different depending on the brand.
QUEEN has a large clitoris grabbing part, so it is safe to use even for large people, and also for small people to wrap tightly and suction firmly.

The suction is like puffing and pumping and sucking, but it doesn't hit the clitoris or skin directly and the air flows gently through the tube.
Many other suction vibrators are palm-sized, but the QUEEN is designed to be easy to use in any position, even while lying down, because the tip is long and thin enough to suction.

The great thing about the suction vibrator is that it is not a strong direct stimulus to the clitoris where the most delicate nerves are jammed, but an indirect stimulus.
So there's no numbness, no numbing of the nerves from using the vibrator too much, but a great pleasure that anyone, no matter how experienced, can feel within seconds.

In women and men, the orgasm gap is said to be large. While most men can orgasm through penetrative intercourse, a minority of women can orgasm through penetration.
The orgasm is triggered by a pleasant sensation on the clitoris and gentle stimulation of the G-spot (the root of the clitoris, the part of the body inside the vaginal wall).
Whether you know your way around the vibe, or you're new to it, QUEEN is a toy that I recommend to all women.

Furthermore, the QUEEN is overwhelmingly different from previous suction vibrators in that it can be inserted...
When you use it as a suction vibrator, put on sleeves (it has a cup for indirect stimulation) and remove sleeves when you insert it.
When the Sleeve is removed, the suction vibe is directly exposed to the suction part. Rather than sucking, it is a movement that pulls in air with puff-puff-puff, but when I put it in...I can see that a strange pleasure that I have never felt before spreads in the vagina.

G-spot (back of the vagina, around the back of the clitoris, navel side) is gently and directly stimulated in the vagina.
This stimulus is the first in Japan? Probably the world's first in a different dimension.

It's not a vibrator, but rather a really gentle movement that is stimulated by the tip of the finger or the tip of the tongue with a lightness that seems to touch or not touch at all...a delicate gentle movement that was thought to be impossible with such a vibrator. For example, the area around the eye, which is said to be closest to the most delicate zone in the body (there is a mucous membrane and the surrounding skin is as thin and delicate as paper).
It's as if you're gently pinching and massaging the butt of your eyes, instead of the direct vibrations of a vibrator.

If you can feel that sensation in your G-spot... it's amazing!

It's not strong, it doesn't hurt, and it doesn't stimulate strongly, but it's a strange pleasure that makes you think, "I wanted this...

ZALO is the brand that LPC is pushing the most at the moment. The packaging, the design, and the function are all designed to beautifully affirm a woman's desires.
That's the part you can tell from the package.
Gold decoration on the handle. This design is designed to be a snake.
This decorative part of the snake is not only for the beauty and luxury, but it is actually a toy switch. The grooves are designed to go along with the ornaments. Pressing the right side part will put all the vibes into standby mode and the lights will flash.
Press again to start the pulse mode. (A pulse means a heartbeat. The tip of the toy begins to move up and down, just like a beating heart)

This is the first time I've been able to do the G-spot with this toy! This is the first time I've been able to get to the G-spot with this toy.
The G-spot is an extension of the clitoris that is hidden by the body. Actually, the clitoris is big, and that little tip that comes out of the body is just a part of it.
The G-spot, as it is called, is located around the bend of the second joint of the finger from the vulva towards the clitoris.
Beginners tend to stimulate their g-spot all of a sudden. If you think that the G-spot is the same as the clitoris, you should stimulate the clitoris first and then touch the G-spot slowly.
QUEEN is the best vibe for women's pleasure, designed with the idea of the clitoris and the G-spot in the vagina in mind!

[We don't want to have the chilly experience anymore! Perfect heat function].
What's even better is that it comes with a heat function.
Have you ever felt that moment when a hot toy touches your skin and you feel the tension go down?
Press the flat part of the handle of the toy that says "ZALO" to start the heat function.
The temperature rises to 42 degrees. The temperature is slightly warm and pleasant.
The heat function is turned off when the vibe is switched on to prevent low temperature burns.
Because it is used for delicate parts, LPC recommends to warm up the toy with the heat function before using it!

[Let's make your own vibe with Bluetooth!]
Also, if you free download the official ZALO application with your smartphone, you can also operate it with the built-in Bluetooth!
Sensory operation on a smart phone screen. It is divided into four main functions.
(1) The "Classic Model" has eight different waveform vibrations, and the vibe pattern is displayed on the screen in a graph-like appearance that is easy to understand.
(2)The music model is a fun function that vibrates to the rhythm of the music you have on your smartphone.
(3) "Scene mode" is a pattern in the image of an amusement park, a sandy beach, a car, and a club. It would be so much fun to actually use it in such a fun leisure scene! In addition, you can create your own vibe patterns from the scene mode and save up to 3 of them.
And finally, (4) "provocation model" is linked to the finger that touches the screen of the smartphone. When you trace the screen, the vibrator reacts with a "buzz". The sensation of being able to feel a person's fingertips realistically even though it's a vibrator...it's as if it's being manipulated...a new sensuality. If your partner manipulates you with the vibrator inserted, you will feel their fingering through the vibrator and get throbbing.

[When using it as a suction vibe].
Take out the attachment that is stored in the box inside the box, apply a generous amount of lotion to the toy, and attach the attachment.
(If you don't apply lotion, it will be difficult to attach the attachment).
And switch on the pulse mode on the right!
Great, it really is like having your clitoris sucked and stimulated with your lips!
It gently wraps around the small and delicate clitoris, stimulates it and leads to a deeper pleasure.

[To use as a G-spot vibe].
Press the left side of the decorative part to start the vibration mode.
This vibe mode also has 8 patterns. The vibration is transmitted throughout the toy. The motor vibrates from the center of the toy, so you can feel the vibe from the whole toy instead of the surface vibrating. The vibrations are fine but powerfully transmitted.
Only pulse mode, only vibration mode, both, everything is possible.
This vibration will make you feel inside enough to understand it now! This is the time to turn on the pulse mode!
If you want to find the "G-spot" of your longing, please shift it little by little and explore it.

The material is smooth and comfortable silicone, and the size is not too thick.
A Japanese instruction manual is also enclosed.
The QUEEN has never been seen before with the best design and functions that will satisfy both moderates and outsiders, so please come and experience it!

*The duration of use should not exceed 30 minutes per application.
*If you feel any pain or discomfort while using the product, stop using it immediately.
We'd love to hear about your QUEEN experience.

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