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【PUISSANTE】 Mini Coco Rouge
"MIni Coco" is a suction toy by PUISSANTE, You can easily challenge orgasm by suction. Even though it is small, it has 10 levels of suction.


【PUISSANTE】 Mini Coco Rouge

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●Material:Medical silicone, ABS plastic
Total length:90mm
●Noise:low ★☆☆☆ high
●Battery Type:USB rechargeable
●Charging Time:1 hour and 30 minutes for full charge
●Operating time:2 hours max.
●Suction intensity:10 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof (IPX7)
●Warranty Period:2 years
●Manufacturer:PUISSANTE (France)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥16,335 (tax included)
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"Masturbation is an important practice for getting to know yourself, for taking care of yourself, for loving yourself.
Take time to feel better and more confident in your body. Our goal at PUISSANTE is to eliminate the taboo of masturbation and to show people that masturbation is healthy, important and very enjoyable."

PUISSANTE is a femtec brand started in France in 2021.
PUISSANTE means "powerful" in French. The brand name was inspired by the founder Marie Comacle's words, "We are all perfect, now let's be Puissantes."
It advocates women to confidently enjoy their sexual pleasure, which until now has been considered taboo.

We are proud to introduce Mini Coco, a small, palm-sized suction toy!
It looks like a squeezed-down version of PUISSANTE's C-shape toy "Coco" and allows you to enjoy only suction.

Two colors are available. This is the bright "rouge" color, reminiscent of the red of the French flag.

As the name "Mini" suggests, it fits in the palm of your hand. The width gradually narrows from the top, where the suction part is located, making it easy to hold. Also, the suction side has a margin at the bottom, so you can hold it as if you were pinching the narrow part. Please try to find the way that is most comfortable for you to hold.

The main unit is very compact and light, so there is no strain on your fingers even if you hold it as if pinching it, and your hands and fingers will not get tired even if you enjoy it slowly and carefully.
The smooth silicone is comfortable to the touch and fits snugly so it won't slip off your fingers when you pinch it.

Ten different suction levels!
They cover from gentle, massaging suction to powerful, almost numbing suction.
Different from Coco, it does not have patterned suction with a changing rhythm. However, it provides constant stimulation at every stage, so there is no "I just wanted to make it harder, but the pattern changed!" You can enjoy the simple suction.

The noise level is basically based on 50db (the quietness in a library), and is expressed in five levels marked ★★★★★.
The noise of the Mini Coco is low ★☆☆☆ high, which is not very quiet, but the operating noise is not bothersome in clothes or under the bedding.
In addition, the suction toy's operating noise is reduced by placing the suction part firmly over the clitoris.

If you've ever thought, "I want a Coco, but I don't need insertion," the Mini Coco makes it easy to try suction orgasms.
Of course, the Mini Coco is not only for the clitoris. Please feel free to enjoy using it not only on women but also on men's nipples, or on any part of the body that feels comfortable.

In addition, Mini Coco is completely waterproof!
You can easily use it in the bathroom, so you can enjoy it in more places!

PUISSANTE cares about the pleasure and sexual health of all women, and with its consistent commitment to sex education and support for the eradication of sexual violence against women, PUISSANTE has also taken the initiative to create a slogan: "We want all women to feel free to control their bodies and choose the life they want to lead.
For every product sold, PUISSANTE donates 1 euro to Orchidées Rouge (an organization that opposes female genital mutilation), whose slogan is "We want to give every woman the freedom to control her own body and choose the life she wants. The Female Genital Mutilation
Female genital mutilation affects more than 200 million women worldwide, 500,000 in Europe, and 125,000 in France.
Orchidées Rouge is an organization that campaigns for the eradication of female genital mutilation, early and forced marriage, and all forms of violence against women and girls, as well as for the economic emancipation of women, and PUISSANTE fully supports its work.
The Love Piece Club also supports the initiative to expand women's solidarity through Tortuey, whereby protecting one's own pleasure and body is connected to protecting the bodies and sexual health of other women.

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FAQ about products

Q Please tell us how to take care of it. A Before and after use, keep the toy clean and wash it with mild soap and warm water. We also recommend the use of a special cleaner for toys.
Q What makes it different from Coco?  A "Mini Coco" is a toy that allows users to enjoy only the suction of Coco. Therefore, it cannot be inserted, but it has a wide range of suction vibration, so both gentle and powerful suction can be enjoyed.

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