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Hair contact "Beard Apron"
Natural looking and comfortable to wear, thoroughly pursuing realism. To be used up, but it is water and sweat resistant and can be used for 1 to 5 days.


Hair contact "Beard Apron"

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●Material: Film: Polyurethane
 Hair: Polyester
 Adhesive: Acrylic
●Size: Width 8.1 cm
●Height: 4.8cm
●Weight: 25g (including package)
●Manufacturer: Propia
●Country of manufacture: Japan
●Color: Light Black
●Type: Disposable
●Recommended wearing time: 1-5 days

販売価格:¥2,035 (tax included)
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The "Beard Apron" is a fake beard using the new "hair contact" technology developed by Propia, a comprehensive hair care product and service provider.

The 0.02mm ultra-thin film of the hair contact integrates with the skin, making it incredibly natural and comfortable to wear.
Our staff tried it on, but it was almost impossible to tell that they were wearing it on camera. If you actually stare at it face to face at close range, you might be able to tell...? It fits in so well. You can also cut it to the length and size you like.
Because of its naturalness, it has been used in many movies, dramas, and commercials.
They are a bit pricey for disposables, but they are sweat and water resistant, so you can shower with them on and they won't fall off.
In rare cases, some users leave it on for a week, but most users only use it for one to five days. Ocean and pool use is also OK.

■How to use
1) Clean your beard, wash your face, and wipe it thoroughly with a dry towel.
2) Hold the round transparent film and slowly peel off the beard from the release paper.
3) After checking the position of the beard in the mirror, hold the round transparent film on the left and right sides with both hands, and lightly apply the beard to the middle of the installation area.
4) Peel off the round transparent film on one side. Stick it on, being careful not to pull on the fake mustache.
5) Peel off the other round transparent film. 5) Peel off the other round transparent film, and slowly apply the dipping mustache so that it does not shift in position.
6) After installation, hold it down firmly for about 20 seconds to complete.

■How to remove
Since the adhesive is strong, please remove slowly or use cleansing oil when removing to avoid damaging the skin.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you had a beard?
Great for FTM's looking for a makeover or for a queer party!

*The third image is of the same product in a different shape. This image is a sample of how it will look on you.

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