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Mr.Right Nude

Mr.Right Nude

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Total Length:Regular=60mm Super=100mmMaterial:Nylon Stocking Made in Japan

販売価格:¥12,210 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090104

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Mr. Right is for everyday packing or to wear once in a while. It looks realistic, fits comfortably, and feels just right.
This toy can be worn several different ways. It fits comfortably in the front pouch of men''s underwear. It also can be worn with the Packing Strap, made by Aslan Leather. Created as a companion for Mr. Right , this simple leather backed device will hold Mr. Right securely in just the right spot while protecting your skin. The 1 1/2" elastic waist band sits on your hips and wears discreetly under clothing.

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