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Luxor Anal Plug
Luxor Anal Plug

Luxor Anal Plug

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length:80mm diameter:20-30mm 1.5v batteries*2pcs Packaged in UK

販売価格:¥8,800 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090024

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Luxor anal plug is created Luxotiq team.
Luxotiq team is a high-end adult toy designers , which draw their influence from minimalism and modern design.
They are dedicated to providing luxurious and sophisticated adult toys that appeal to both the body and the mind. By combining high quality materials with visionary design, they have created intruments that embody pleasure and sensuality, with an emphasis on symmetry and balance. Theirgoal is to create adult toys that enfance intimacy and are timeless in design. All of their products come in decorative packaging that further enhances he memorable experience of using their toys.
They are made of body-safe tembered glass.They are also suitbale to use with any type of personal lubricant and are easy to clean and sterlize. Hold cold and warm tempertures that provide an extra sensation to your sensual play.Come exquisitely packaged in a designer gift box complete with satin bow and interior.

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