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Free yourself from the feeling of wrongness and uncomfortableness! Enjoy Summer with DOUBLE's swim wear with tight holding function as binder.


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●Swimsuit binder with Zipper

●S size Chest: 71-82cm(28-32in)
●M size Chest: 83-89cm(33-35in)
●M size Hip:88-97cm(34-37in)

販売価格:¥13,750 (tax included)
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Item Number: 06090236

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Transgender FTM people would be struggled with what you wear for swimming.

DOUBLE Swim Wear with zipper style. Easy to wear, comfortable and breathable but yet this swim wear makes your chest looks completely flat and holds tightly.

“DOUBLE” started binder collection since 2008 as Sole Agent for Double Binders Taiwan in Malaysia. In the market, all of the binder's material and design’s 90% were developed by DOUBLE TAIWAN. Double Binders are one of the most comfortable, high quality & contemporary design. By using the comfortable elastic fabric, DOUBLE brand is purchasing the costumer’s satisfaction.

※Event Informations! We are having events on...
【29th May】
“Try Harness! You can try to wear harness at our show room! “
【19th June】
“You can see, touch and try Binders at our show room.”

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