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Suit Apple Green
It's perfect for your first anal plug, but it's also great as a thin or short dildo for vagina! You can enjoy the frustration of not being able to reach the back of your penis!


Suit Apple Green

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●Workable length:70mm
●Average diameter:15mm

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These soft, thin, small, finger-like anal plugs are designed to be used for the first time.
BS, the company that makes this plug, is a Spanish manufacturer run by women only.

Originally designed by Sabela Dopazo and Beatriz Higón, who made art as sculptors.
I was so impressed with the quality of the silicone and the diligence with which it is handcrafted one by one, that I had Love Peace Club create a beautiful and vibrant apple-green colored plug for me!
The feature of BS plugs and dildos is that they have a different texture than other silicon products.
As soon as you touch it, you will be mesmerized by the feel of it!
The surface is moist and chewy and elastic, more flexible than your fingers, and very soft.
Please enjoy the wonderful feeling that it goes into your vagina and anus.
Of course, the surface is very smooth, so you don't have to worry about damaging your delicate skin.
There is no danger of them going into your intestines when you use them on your anus, because the base is so tight and the lid is so tight that you can leave them there during sex! Of course, you can leave them there all the time by yourself, too!
Let's let your imagination run wild and enjoy your first trip to the anal sex!

This product is made as an anal plug, but I highly recommend using it on your vagina as well.
If you insert this plug slowly when it's very wet or with a lot of lotion on it...
The feeling of a thin and elastic plug going into your vagina...
This feels amazingly good!
The feeling of a sharp sensation at the vaginal entrance or in the vagina.
When I piston, the vaginal entrance is rubbed but it doesn't hit the back of the vagina, which is frustrating and makes me writhe!
It's long and thin, so I sometimes want to poke the vagina or put a thick one in and feel a sense of satisfaction, but the short dildo makes me feel differently.
I highly recommend this to people who are looking for a thin or short dildo and want to taste the tingling sensation...!

※Never put anything in your vagina that has been put in your anus. It can cause an infection.
※We recommend the use of a condom for anal use.
※If you want to use it on your vagina after using it on your anus, you should wash it thoroughly with soap and then put a condom on it.
※Since it is made of 100% silicone, it can be sterilized by boiling it at a temperature of 90°C or higher for at least 5 minutes.

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FAQ about products

Q Can it be used with a harness? A It is very thin and has a small base, so it comes off quickly when used in a harness. Also, it is not designed to be used as a piston, and it is difficult to use it with a harness because it is not designed to be used as a piston.
Q Is there an anal sex zone? A It's not an "easy to understand" sexual area like the clitoris. Also, there is no point to stimulate the prostate like men do. However, you can enjoy the sensation of being inside or stimulating your clitoris while it is inside to deepen your sense of fulfillment. Also, not all men feel pleasure in the anus, but it is recommended to expand the range of sex with your male partner by suggesting an anal plug!

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