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RianneS Booty Plug Luxury Set
This is an introduction to the anal plug set. It has a beautiful jewel on the outside as well, and as the name implies, it is truly a luxury plug set.

RianneS Booty Plug Luxury Set

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S size
●Full length 72mm
●Inserting part 45mm
●Maximum diameter 30mm
●Weight 142g
M size
●Full length 82mm
●Inserting part 56mm
●Maximum diameter 35mm
●Weight 249g
Material: chrome plated and copper

販売価格:¥12,056 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090181

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It's a very luxurious anal plug set from Rianne S that has a base in Belgium.

First of all, the feeling of weight when you hold the box. It comes in a purple box with the brand's colors and feels heavy in the palm of your hand.
When I opened the box, there were two gorgeous gold-colored plugs lined up in a row, and I couldn't help but say, "Beautiful.
The nicely polished chrome feels cold and chilly. The touch is slippery and very smooth to the touch.

First of all, when I took the smaller one out of the box, it felt a little heavy. The insertion part is also small and fits in the palm of your hand. At this size, it seems to slip in smoothly. The outer part has a light purple jewel. It has a large cut, so it shines when you put it on.

Next, I'll bring out the larger one. If you compare it to the smaller one, you can see that it feels heavy and heavy. The insertion part is about the size of a small egg. It's smooth and cool and makes you want to put a lot of lotion on it. This one has a dark purple jewel on the outside. The size of the cut is exquisite, and it is beautiful as if it is pointing at a real amethyst.

The coolness and weight of the metal. We recommend these anal plugs for those who want to feel the sensation of being put inside.
It comes in a set of two large and two small pieces, so of course it is recommended for beginners.
If you're a little worried, try using plenty of lotion.
This plug will give you a new feeling of pleasure!
After use, please wash it cleanly and wipe off the water well.

Rianne S is a Belgian-based brand.
In 2003, we began thorough research and study, and in 2010, we began full-scale operations.
Of course, the founder, Ryan, is a woman!
The brand's products are called "sexual accessories" and
We are bringing out fashionable and quality toys to the world.
It is a brand of attention now that is also published in the magazine ELLE, etc. overseas.

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