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Lorals BIKINIS Peach 1pc
For a variety of concerns, 80% of women have said "NO" to receiving oral sex. The Lorals are latex underwear that take the worry out of you while keeping the feeling of being licked!


Lorals BIKINIS Peach 1pc

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●Material: Natural latex
●Size: XS~XL(70cm-115cm)
●Amount of content: 1 sheet per package
●Manufacturer:MY LORALS(Australia)
●Made in Malaysia

販売価格:¥1,320 (tax included)
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Melanie Cristol, an attorney practicing in Los Angeles, started "Lorals" because of her own oral sex fiasco.
When I told my friends around me about my bitter experience of saying "No" to my partner even though she really wanted to have oral sex and forgot her Dental Dam on the weekend, one after another, they said, "Me too..." and she realized that this "aversion to oral sex" might actually be a serious problem that many people have. She realized that this "aversion to oral sex" might be a serious problem that many people have.

Studies have shown that 30 to 40 percent of women orgasm on the clitoris rather than the G-spot, and that oral sex is three times more likely to lead to orgasm in women than intercourse.
The sensitive clitoris where 8,000 nerves gather.
There is widespread recognition in the field of sexual science and sexual wellness that "stimulation of the clitoris is important for sexual satisfaction.
This is the reason why there are so many sexual wellness items for women by women nowadays that specialize in the clitoris.

Starting from Melanie's experience and research findings, "Lorals. It's a new underwear and safer sex item made from very thin, stretchy latex.

This idea was achieved through crowdfunding with over 140% support and became a product. Femtech's success stories have been praised in media outlets such as "The New York Times" and "Cosmopolitan".

The peach color of the new version is not only a new color, but also a sheer type that makes it easier to identify the areas to be touched and enhances the nudity and sexiness of the product.
You can precisely stimulate your partner's comfortable areas with your eyes as well.

【The charm of Lorals】.
1. when you don't want to expose everything
Even people who are 100% happy with their bodies and the way they smell sometimes don't want to be naked, and Lorals allow you to reduce the amount of exposure while deepening your sensual connection. Not revealing, but sexy!

2. Quality and safety of our products
The Lorals production team, created by a female designer, has dedicated three years to the development of these products, creating more than 20 prototypes that have been tested for safety with attention to detail and attention to detail in the proper stretch, thickness, texture and scent. The material is made of high quality vegan latex, which does not contain harmful chemicals.

3.Both the person being licked and the person being licked are relieved and feel good!
The Lorals are very thin and stretch to be skin-tight, so you can feel your partner's tongue move, feel, and temperature. The slightly perfumed vanilla flavour brings positivity to play, even when smelling and tasting badly.

4. One size fits from XS to XL.
You're wearing underwear, but you don't have a range of sizes? A: Don't worry, they are highly stretchy and can be sized from XS to XL in one size. It's also a great gift for those who don't know what size they are.

5. No dislocation, no need to push by hand
A popular product for the same use as Lorals is the "Dental Dam". As the name implies, it is a new product for pleasure from a product used in dentistry and is used by applying a square sheet.
Although it is convenient, the sheet does not adhere to the skin as it is, so you need to keep tensing it with your hand to apply it properly to the skin.
If you take your hand away, it will be slipped, and the part that was attached to the anus will come to the vagina... It is necessary to hold it down while using it because it is concerned about hygiene.
With Lorals, you don't have to. It can be used in any position, so you can enjoy different situations.

6. Protects your vagina from your partner's beard, hair and rough skin
Lorals gently protects your partner's beard, hair and skin from irritation.

7. to oral sex during the period
Oral sex during menstruation is also possible. You can follow through with the stains on the sheets, so you can focus on playing.

8. even when you want him to lick your anus
With Lorals, you can take a proactive approach to anal aurals. Expand your play.
When you suddenly want to have sex, don't panic and use safer oral sex.
Stretch, play, tear, and even enjoy the feel of the Lorals themselves!
In keeping with Lorals' philosophy that "the best products not only evolve the design, but also diversify the objects they are designed for", this universal design effortlessly overcomes the many barriers that arise during play.

[Cautions for use].
*This is a disposable product. Do not use it for any other purpose.
*Please do not use the one used for the vagina, penis or anus in other parts of the body.
*Always use a clean one.
*Be careful not to strike your teeth or nails, as they may break.
*Do not use in combination with oil products.
*Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool, dark place.

※Due to a price revision, the selling price of this product has changed from August 4, 2023.

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