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O dildo stabilizer
The problem of dildos that are too thin to fit in a harness has been solved! By increasing the size of the base, your favorite dildo can be used with your harness.

O dildo stabilizer

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Material: Urethane
Size: 30mm x 38mm Min. diameter 20mm (can be expanded by wetting with water)
Brand: Spareparts (USA)

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My favorite dildo. I want to use it with my harness, but I can't put it on because the size of the base is not enough. Have you ever had such an experience? For example, the "Vagina Dilator no. 1". This dildo is about 17-19mm in diameter, which is about the same size as a finger. However, the base of the dildo was too small to be used with the harness. But when you use this "Dildo Supporter", what do you know! The base of the dildo is reinforced and can be attached to the harness! Not only that, but the wide base gives you a more stable feeling when you attach it to your harness! Easy to use. Just wet the inner hole a little with water and put the dildo on. It is especially recommended for use with dildos smaller than 1cm in diameter, as they do not need to be soaked with water, especially on dildos smaller than 1cm. If the size of the dildo supporter hole is large compared to the size of the dildo supporter hole, wet the dildo with water to make it easier to put it on. It's lightweight at 9g, so you won't feel the weight when you wear it. You can also use it like this! Shorten dildos that are too long by attaching multiple dildos. Reinforce the base of a heavy dildo. As a cushion when the base of the dildo is too narrow for harness rings or hardware to hit the body. It can be used in a variety of ways, not just to support smaller dildos, but also as a cushion when the base of the dildo is narrow and the harness rings or fittings hit the body. Spareparts, a brand familiar with the long-selling York harness, created the "Dildo Supporter". Over the years, we have listened diligently to harness users and created our own unique items. The "Dildo Supporter" was also created based on the voices of harness users who were really troubled. Let's go beyond stereotypes and enjoy more free harness sex!

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