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Dame Zee Citrus
Compact and portable, this partner can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. The smallest mini-sized Bullet Toy in the Lovepi line, it also has power and is convenient for use with a pocketed dildo!


Dame Zee Citrus

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●Material: ABS resin
●Size: 71mm in length, 17mm in diameter
●Weight: 19g
●Sound: Small ☆☆☆☆ Large
●Charging method: USB
●Charging time: 1 hour for full charge
●Continuous use time: 1 hour
●Vibration intensity: 3 levels
●Waterproof: drip-proof
●Warranty: 3 year
●Manufacturer:DAME products(USA)
●Country of Origin:China

販売価格:¥6,600 (tax included)
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Item Number: 6311

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In sex, men have an easier time having orgasms, while women have a harder time having orgasms. The sex toy brand "Dame" is proud to announce that it is eliminating the "gender gap in pleasure," and is producing toys by women for women.

Eva, the world's first toy developed by two women in New York through a crowdfunding campaign, raised approximately 100 million yen and created a huge buzz around the world. In Japan, Eva has been frequently introduced in media such as "an-an," "Aera," and "Tarzan," and is a highly recognized brand.

Dame has created a simple and easy-to-use Bullet Toy "Zee" for toy beginners.

Despite its high power, it is only 71mm in length and 17mm in diameter, about one size larger than a woman's index finger. The smallest of the Love Pi's miniature size, the Bullet Toy is also convenient for use with a pocketed dildo.

For example, the "fuze" brand of dildos is one or two of the most popular Lovepi dildos. The base of the dildo has a pocket for inserting a mini-rotor.
Just by inserting the Zee into this pocket, the usual dildo is transformed into a vibrator.
Also, taking advantage of this mini size and light weight of only 19g, we recommend that you sneak the Zee quietly inside your shorts or harness.
For example, the "Yoke Harness" has that small pocket behind the dildo ring, and if you put the Zee in there, you can enjoy vibrations with even dildos without holes!
It is light and small, so it won't lean in.
Let your imagination run wild and find different ways to enjoy it!

Of course, you can also use it by itself!
You can choose from three vibration levels, from gentle stroking to powerful vibrations that resonate deep into the skin.
The matte, soft-textured ABS plastic is smooth against your skin. It is also easy to clean and keep clean from dust and dirt. The rounded tip can be placed on the clitoris, or the side can be placed in a straight line with the vagina.

With only one control button, it is easy to turn on/off and adjust the vibration intensity. The universal design with a protrusion that allows you to locate the button just by feeling the fingertip, making operation stress-free.

It is also splash-proof, easy to clean before and after use, and USB rechargeable for repeated use.

The simple and sophisticated design of the body and packaging makes it a good gift.
Since it is not recognizable as a toy at first glance, it is also recommended for those who do not want their family or other roommates to find out about it.
Zee combines ease of use and functionality.

Compact and easy to carry, Zee is a reliable partner anytime, anywhere.

Recommended for use with this dildo!
Double Tango

[How to use]
Fully charge the main unit before use.
Power on/off: press and hold the button.
Switching vibration intensity: press and hold the button briefly.

[How to charge the battery]
Turn the silicone tab under the power button to reveal the charging port. Plug in the included charging cable.
When charging starts, the LED light near the button on the main unit will blink. If the Zee is fully charged, it may take a few seconds to a few minutes for the LED light to respond.

[Care Instructions]
The Zee is splash proof. Always clean the Zee after use. Use a damp cloth or special toy cleaner. Then dry it thoroughly before storing it separately from other toys. Avoid extreme heat, cold, and high humidity.
Do not clean with products containing petroleum.

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