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30 Years of Sisterhood
30 Years of Sisterhood

30 Years of Sisterhood

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Vol.240min Vol.240min Director:Minami Nagasaki

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Documentary of women''s interviews who were involved in Women''s Liberation. Mitsu Tanaka, Yoko Saeki, Shoko Miki are all interviewed, but not only famous women are in this film. Most of women were involved in this movement are still involved and or had been changed their lives.

They look so alive on this film as they go back to their "past", which all definitely felt freedom at that time.

Nothing happened after Women''s Liberation.....They couldn''t really changed the society, could they? That''s somebody''s opinion who knows nothing about Women''s Liberation in Japan.

Woman''s Liberaion was not to "change the society", but to release women (herself) from "society".

There are valuable past scenes if you are interested in Woman''s Liberation in Japan. Japanese only.

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