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Inspire Silicone Dilator
CalExotics supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer®, a non-profit organization supporting women affected by breast cancer. CalExotics generously donates proceeds from these items to Living Beyond Breast

Inspire Silicone Dilator

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Material: Premium silicone
<1> Diameter: 1.25cm Length of insertion: 7.5cm
<2> Diameter: 2cm Insertion length: 9cm
<3> Diameter: 2cm Insertion length: 10.75cm
<4> Diameter: 2.5cm Insertion length: 12.75cm
<5> Diameter: 3.25cm Length of insertion: 14cm

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CalExotics is a brand founded by Susan Colvin in California, USA in 1994. At that time in the U.S., the manufacturers, shops and users of adult toys were mostly men, and most of the products were geared towards men, with grotesque designs and realistic penis shapes. In such a male-dominated industry, it was Susan who stood up with the idea of "making Toy friendly to women. Since the establishment of the brand, we have continued to create reliable products using the most advanced technology "from a woman's point of view, for a woman". Now, "CalExotics" has revolutionized the toy industry with another completely new endeavor. It is, in a word, "Donation Toy" and a portion of the sales of this "Inspire" series will be donated to LBBC, an organization for women living through breast cancer. The Love Peace Club has also started to carry the products in support of this initiative. Inspire silicone dilators come in sets of five in various thicknesses and lengths, ranging from as thin as a finger to close to a man's size. It is recommended for those who want to use it slowly and at their own pace, starting with the smaller ones. The smallest size <1> has a diameter of 1.25cm and an insertable part of 7.5cm, so it is about the size of an adult woman's ring finger or pinky finger. The diameter is almost the same as that of an AA battery. It is very slim. The largest size, <5>, is 3.25cm in diameter, close to the size of a man's, which may be a little surprising compared to <1>, but it has a thin tip and a gentle curve, so it feels smooth to use. It is made of silicone, which is safe for the body, and the surface is smooth and silky to the touch. The thin ones are soft enough to bend easily, and as they grow in size, they become more firm in texture. There is a hole in the bottom to make it easier to use when you hold it in your hand. Please hook your finger here and use it. A beautiful gradient of pink-beige to candy-pink, this dilator set is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a little more. I feel like I can use it slowly and face myself without fear or resistance. This is a stain that can be made in the manufacturing process, so it does not affect the human body at all, so please rest assured. Magazine information - May 2018 "Bi-ST July issue

Using the ideas

It's a dilator, but you can also enjoy it as a "vibe" through the vibrator in the hole in that part. Once you get used to inserting the vibrator, make good use of the straight type vibrator and the lip type vibrator and enjoy it in various ways.

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