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When you shake or angle your phone, the main unit is linked! Patented WaveMotion technology realistically reproduces finger movements. You can freely enjoy the pleasure as you wish.



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●Material:Body-safe silicone (part touching the skin), ABS (battery part)
Total length:W50 x H60 x D90mm
Insertable length:80mm
●Battery Type:USB charging
●Charging Time:2 hours for full charge
●Operating time:2 hours max
●Vibrate Modes:10 types (when using app*)
●Vibrate Intensities:10 levels (when using the app*)
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer: LELO (Sweden)
●Made in:China
*When operating the main unit, only 4 vibration patterns are available (vibration strength cannot be changed)

販売価格:¥30,800 (tax included)
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LELO's popular C-shape toy "IDA" has been upgraded with WaveMotion technology and two motors!
It perfectly mimics the movement of the fingers. While maintaining the concept of the previous "IDA", this toy is for those who seek even more freedom, even more realism, and a higher level of sensitivity.
Immerse yourself in various fantasy worlds with IDA WAVE: two powerful motors stimulate the clitoris and G-spot just right. Relax and try out the various vibration patterns with the app.
The state-of-the-art design design fits any body shape or size. Use it for yourself for solo play, or have your partner operate the app...for the ultimate hands-free experience!

[Feature 1] WAVEMOTION Technology
WAVEMOTION technology, which replicates the movement of a finger, pleasantly stimulates the G-spot. It is neither a mere vibration nor an up-and-down motion. It is a never-before-seen, undulating, finger-gently stirring, truly gentle, erotically smooth, inside-touching motion. It is a soft, delicate movement, not the kind of movement that repeatedly inserts itself with a finger in a grueling, forceful manner. When you look at the tip of the insertion part toward you, you can see that the tip is twirling around in a small circle. We can clearly see that what we were looking for was not strength or intensity, but a gentle, caressing touch. The sensation of having the inside of the vaginal canal gently stirred up is so pleasant that it makes you melt...you can feel your sensitivity increase.

[Feature 2] App operation
By downloading the LELO app to your smartphone, you can control the device from your smartphone. This allows you to change the vibration pattern and strength at your fingertips while the device is inserted.
At first, start with slow and gentle vibrations to prepare for relaxation, then change the vibrations as your body and feelings become more relaxed. It is easy to make detailed adjustments according to your own pace and rhythm.
Moreover, this app is not just a remote control that allows you to change the vibration pattern; when you change the angle of the phone in your hand or shake it, the main unit vibrates in conjunction with your movements.
 When you want to come all at once for a climax, just shake the phone or give it a whack. or shake the phone at an angle. The vibrations become stronger in response to your movements, so you feel the tension building up and the vibrations increasing in tandem. When you are on the verge of orgasm, it is easy to lose your concentration for a moment when you operate the buttons. The IDA WAVE is designed so that you can concentrate on your play without feeling any hassle. In addition to this intuitive operation, the IDA WAVE can also be used as a standard remote control, allowing you to select vibration intensity and patterns on the screen.
App operation also enhances play when used as a couple. By controlling your partner's IDA WAVE with your smartphone, couples can enjoy themselves in different situations than usual.

[Feature 3] Double the power!
The IDA WAVE is equipped with two vibration motors. The motor on the insertion part and the motor on the outside that touches the clitoris allow you to feel both inside and outside at the same time.
The sensation is like being enveloped by a wave of vibration.
Please enjoy the deep pleasure that cannot be achieved with a single motor.

◾️How to use the application
Please download the official LELO app from the link below.


1. Click on the second toy icon from the right in the menu bar at the bottom of the application screen. From the list of products, "Connect" the "IDA Wave".
2. When the image screen appears, press the IDA WAVE power button until the light on the main unit glows. The light will flash when the IDA WAVE and the application are synchronized.
3. Select "Play" on the application screen.
4. Select your favorite operation method from the three options at the top of the screen.

Screwing: Vibrates according to the angle of the phone. When the phone is horizontal, the vibration is 0. The more the phone is tilted so that the screen is vertical, the stronger the vibration. When the phone is completely vertical, vibration 10 is the maximum vibration.
Shaking: The harder you shake your phone, the stronger the vibration.
Boring: Can be used as a remote control, with 10 different vibration patterns and 10 levels of vibration strength selectable on the screen.

[Dear LELO customer...]
The latest version of the instruction manual can be downloaded here. (File format: PDF/Move to an external site)
LELO comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. If your product malfunctions within one year of purchase, we will replace the product free of charge. Please keep the "delivery note" that is sent with the product, as it will be needed for this purpose.

*This product is designed to be connected to an application. Although the product can be operated with the main unit alone, in that case, only 4 vibration patterns are available, and the vibration intensity cannot be changed.

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