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fantastick Neo fantastick gray × black
A new harness and dildo set from JAPAN! Fantastick Neo is made by lesbian themselves.

fantastick Neo fantastick gray × black

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●Material: Silicone
●Harness Msize:87cm~95cm
●Harness Lsize:92cm~100cm
●Lubericant:Purified water · glycerin · PG · carbomer · phenoxyethanol Polyol base · platinum nanocolloid · sodium hyaluronate EDTA - 2 Na - Sodium hydroxide - Polyacrylic acid Na

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Item Number: 02090245〜02090246

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The harness and dildo "fantastick fantastick" which is very popular in the love peace club, is easy to wear, easy to use and reasonable.
The improvement was repeated based on the customer's voice, and it was renewed as "Fantastick Neo"!
There are four points that have been improved!

The dildo became even softer!
The feature of the fantastick is that the dildo fits between the vaginas of the harness side like a hot dog, but there was an opinion that the dildo hits the vagina and clitoris too strongly. Therefore, "fantastick Neo" has improved the softness of the dildo! It's softer to the skin and less painful to the touch.
In addition, the dildo is softer, so it is easier to insert and can be enjoyed in a variety of positions. In the normal position, it is so soft that you can hug each other with your body close together.

The design of the pants type harness has been changed to a boxer type!
The previous model was a brief type harness, but the boxer type has been changed to a boxer type harness for improved stability and fashion! The material is thin and stretches just like real underwear, so it's very comfortable to wear.
3) A wide variety of colors!
The "Fantastick Neo" comes in two different colors for the pant harness and two different colors for the dildo.
This simple design can be used for both feminine and boyish. This time, the long awaited black color has been released to give you more choices!
A must-have for harness sex, the dildo comes with lotion to use up!
Unlike the human body, dildos don't naturally release bodily fluids. Harness sex without lotion hurts! It's a good idea to have harness sex without lotion.
Use plenty of lotion to ensure smooth penetration and to avoid damaging your vagina. I forgot to buy lotion! Fantastick Neo comes in a single package of lotion to use up.
However, lotion is a must-have for harness sex, so if you're using a fantastick, it's a good idea to have a couple of separate bottle-type lotions or pillows to use up.
The Harness & Dildo makes sex between women more fun and free.
Also popular at the Love Peace Club are rodeoH, a San Francisco harness company made by FTMs, lesbians and other parties, and Velvet by Fuze, a Canadian dildo manufacturer made by women who are familiar with harness sex.
Yes, in other countries, it is a common practice for lesbians and transgender people to make the toys they want.
But in Japan...all you'll find in adult shops are either grotesque penises that look like real penises, or penibats that can be attached to men's penises. Those products are not only bad for design but also for comfort!
The dildo would smell like a hard petroleum-based substance, the metal fittings of the harness would hit the partner's pubic bone every time you pistoned, and the harness would fall apart while you were using it... There is no such thing as a good harness made in Japan... in fact, it was.
But there's a product that can change that situation! It's called the "Fantastick" from a Japanese manufacturer. The name of the product is "fantastick", a harness and dildo released by a Japanese manufacturer.
What's more, the developer is a lesbian woman who works for the manufacturer. It took 10 years to conceive, 2 years to create, and 12 years to launch. Finally, in Japan, lesbians can now make the toys they want!
The "fantastick" set includes a convenient, washable pants-type harness and a revolutionary dildo that makes the wearer feel good too. The harness has never been so "thin" and "light". It fits your skin like a stocking and is as natural as if you are not wearing anything!
The dildo on the insertion side is a simple half-moon shape, which is different from the realistic penis shape. The silicone is smooth to the touch. The mounting side has a protrusion. This convex part is the one that hits the clitoris just right when you put it on.
Speaking of dildos that feel good on the wearer's side, it's the "Fuze" series, but the "fantastick" feels more like a perfect fit than the "Fuze" series. The dildo is wrapped around the vagina like a hot dog, so there is no slipping from the clitoris. If you'd rather not have too much contact with your clitoris, it's a good idea to wear a harness over your underwear.
It's very easy to use. Just put the dildo through the ring part of the harness from the inside, and put it on just like regular panties! Adjust the dildo so that the protruding part of the dildo touches your clitoris and the protruding part of the dildo follows the vagina.
From setting the dildo to putting it on, it takes less than a minute! You don't have to worry about the dildos taking so long to set up. When I actually put it on, it was just right, with the dildo pointing upwards a bit for an easy insertion angle. You can put the lotion on the vagina and the dildo and insert it smoothly.
How is it possible to secure a dildo with such a thin harness? But the thin fabric of these stockings is the point. The elasticity of this fabric allows the stick to slide with its own hip movement and the dildo to hit the clitoris on the side of the wearer. While inserting it into the other person, you can feel good along with them. Even if you don't have a penis, you can both feel good at the same time. The dildo is so soft that it can be easily bent by hand and can be enjoyed in various positions such as normal or sitting position.
However, it is not recommended to use the dildo in the Doggy position. If it is inserted from the back, there is a possibility that the half-moon shaped dildo that faces upwards does not fit the vagina very well and cannot be inserted well. We listened to the voices of harness users, created a prototype, tried it out, and improved it over and over again to come up with the fantastick!

If you want to try harness sex, or if you've had painful experiences with harness sex, you'll love it! Please give it a try!
The Love Peace Club interviewed the fantastick developer!
Please take a look at their passion for fantastick! ↓Let's take a look at it!
Japan's first & from Japan! The story of the birth of "fantastick," a toy made by a woman who knows how to have sex with a harness, in the form of the "toy I want.

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