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Lovely Pump Pink
Lube Launcher! Pump the lube in and feels like natural

Lovely Pump Pink

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●1 launcher and 2 outer part
●Insertion possible length: 80mm
●Made in USA

販売価格:¥1,760 (tax included)
Sold Out:Next arrival is undetermined.

Item Number: 03090434

Points obtained: 80 LPC Points

You can put your favorite lotion into a pump-type container like a syringe and inject it into the back of your vagina or anus.That way, you can feel your own bodily fluids overflowing from the inside out when you insert it, and you can protect yourself from the pain caused by the friction of insertion and the bruising of your skin.

The black part is the cap. The plastic container has a hole for pouring first, so if you want to pour a soft liquid, please pour it with the cap on so that it does not come out of the hole, and remove the cap just before use.

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