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RS - Essentials - Kit d'Amour Pink/Gold
The lip toy, lace eye mask, and delicate jet-black feathers... The black and baby pink items are elegant and cute, and are recommended for fetish beginners.


RS - Essentials - Kit d'Amour Pink/Gold

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eye mask
●Material: Satin
●Size: total length 1300mm  Lace part width 120mm Lace part length 210mm
●Length: 260mm  Length of the handle: 60mm

Lip-type rotor
●Material: ABS resin
●Size: 80mm in length, 25mm in diameter
●Weight: (including battery) 34g
●Charging method: AAA battery (1 piece)

original pouch
●Size: 170mm in length, 130mm in height, 45mm in width
●Brand:RianneS (Netherlands)
●MADE IN China

販売価格:¥5,720 (tax included)
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Item Number: 04090221

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It is the introduction of an elegant fetish set from Rianne S based in the Netherlands.

One-handed size enamel pouch with a pretty heart that glitters with glitter. This alone looks like the kind of makeup pouch you'd want. Inside the pouch are three fetish goods...
Rianne S always brings us the most exciting and inspiring gifts and this time we are thrilled with the lovely pouches.

The first thing you see when you open the pouch is a lace eye mask in a jet-black color.
The lace is so delicate and beautiful that you can't help but fall in love with it. But what's the point of wearing them if you can't see them properly? When I covered my eyes with half a doubt... It's a very elaborate eye mask with lace that functions like sunglasses, so that the wearer can see the outside from the side of the eye mask, but not the eyes of the wearer.
With a normal eye mask, you can't see what's being done to you at all, and that's what turns you on. On the other hand, it would be more erotic if you could see the other person's expression and behavior. On the other hand, it would be more erotic to know the other person's expression. This eye mask evokes sensuality in the way we seem to see each other and not see each other and the way we seem to not see each other. I wonder what kind of sensual time awaits us...

Along with the eye mask, the jet-black feathers deepen the sensuality of the time. Stroking your neck and ears, your back and chest and... the tips of your wings to gently tickle them.
The feather handles are wrapped in satin ribbon and are easy to hold, elegant, and inexplicably tickle your coy mind. The feathers look delicate, but even if you pull them with a little force, they don't fall out. You can use it to attack your opponent a bit, or you can have your opponent attack you. It tickles you and makes you wriggle, but it feels so good, it makes you feel even more erotic.

This set is meant to be enjoyed slowly and slowly. Let's give yourself over to the pleasure of the rotor that only looks like a lip when you've teased it so much that you can't stand it anymore.
It's so similar in size and weight that you could mistake it for a real lip. But even though it's the size of a palm, the vibration is strong and firm. This rotor is just right for stimulating the point that feels good with a point, not a surface. It's a hard material, so don't press it hard against your body, but glide it over your body in a circular motion, tracing the surface, like pulling on lipstick.
I'm also happy that it runs on a single AAA battery.

The brand is Rianne S, which is based in the Netherlands.
Of course, the founder, Rianne, is a woman! Rianne wanted to do something beautiful for women," she said, and launched her brand in 2010 with the desire to create safe and secure sex toys that are beautiful and safe from a woman's perspective.
RianneS Toys are always looking to make women feel comfortable, and they are always looking to entertain women with a serviceable spirit!
The brand's products are referred to as "sexual accessories.”
We are bringing out fashionable and quality toys to the world.
It is a brand of attention now that is also published in the magazine ELLE, etc. overseas.

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