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BEST 5Pigmentation5月19日 ~ 5月26日

  • スィートスポット・インティメイト イドラクリーム エバーアフター

    Sweet Spot Hydrate Ever After

    4,620 yen

    The American Gynecologist-Tested and Recommended Moisturizing Cream for the Delicate Zone. Manufactured with a pharmaceutical-grade water base. Nourishes the skin and soothes problems.

  • アンダーコスメセット

    Under Cosmetics Set

    12,607 yen
    10,000 yen

    Whether you want to start taking care of your intimate area or just want to take it a step further, we recommend it for both! Let's change your underwear from today♥︎

  • アナル ブリーチジェル ピロー

    Body Action Anal Bleach Gel Pillow

    550 yen

    The strongest gel that whitens even the super delicate zone! The secret of whiteness is "koji acid" ♡ Yes, it is an ingredient made from koji. It can be used by both women and men. This is a 3ml type

  • ピンク・プライベートホワイトニングクリーム ピロー

    Pink Privates Lightning Cream

    612 yen

    Simply apply to your favorite places and get whitened! This whitening cream is for the delicate skin and is a 3ml pillow type so you don't have to use too much.

  • スターホワイト・ホワイトニングクリーム


    6,416 yen

    This is a lightening cream that brightens up your delicate skin. It is a natural ingredient and can be used by both men and women! Let's get rid of blackheads that have settled for a long time!














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