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Body Action Anal Bleach Gel Pillow
The strongest gel that whitens even the super delicate zone! The secret of whiteness is "koji acid" ♡ Yes, it is an ingredient made from koji. It can be used by both women and men. This is a 3ml type

Body Action Anal Bleach Gel Pillow

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Ingredients:distilled water,seaweed extract,plankton extract,seabuckthorn extract,water cress extract,marine algae,alpha arbutin,hyaluronic acidm,kojic acid,bearberry extract,phenoxyethanol,caprylyl glycol,potassium sorbate,hexylene glycol

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It is a bleaching gel that is applied to super delicate zones. The blackheads in such a place are difficult to consult with people. If you're worried about it but don't know what to do about it, this is the recommended gel for you! The secret of the whiteness is "koji"! That's right, it's the basic ingredient for making miso and sake. It's an ultra-natural ingredient. It is said that research on koji and whitening started because the toji's hands are beautiful and can be used for whitening. In fact, koji is said to have the ability to inhibit the production of melanin. This "Anal Bleaching Gel" contains this "Koji Acid"! And that's not all. It also contains moisturizing ingredients that focus on the slimy nebulosity of seaweed. It's a bleaching gel made with really natural ingredients at its core. The place of use is the vagina and nipples, around the anus, the armpit, or even the penis if you are a man. It's easy to use. Simply apply a thin layer to clean skin, such as after a bath. Don't rub it too hard. It is said that it takes 8 weeks to take effect, but this varies from person to person. This is the 3ml type for one use only. It is also recommended as a trial product. The places you don't usually show, and of course the places you can see. Apply it on your favorite part and aim at it! Whitening! How to use】 Clean and dry skin, apply a small amount of the product first. Apply as if massaging the area of concern. The amount should be enough to cover the skin thinly. Allow time for it to soak in. After a few minutes, wipe off any excess gel as it dries out, and use up to twice a day. Please test it on a narrow area of your skin before using it for the first time. Please be careful not to get into your ears or eyes. Please keep it in a place where it will not touch children's hands. Magazine information - July 2017 "SPONICHI

Using the ideas

It is recommended for vagina, around the anus, and anywhere in VIO. You can apply it to your nipples, armpits, and other areas where you are concerned about blackheads. However, since it is effective for blackheads made by the chafing of panties and the chafing of clothes over the years, please avoid the part of blackheads made by scratches, etc.

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