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AMI Kegel Balls
You can feel the effect of training according to your lifestyle and the occasion. 3 sizes in one set! The most popular vaginal training goods!


AMI Kegel Balls

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●Material: Premium silicone
●Size: from the left of the image
AMI1 Maximum diameter 36mm / Length (not including cord) 36mm / Weight 47g
AMI2 Maximum diameter 32mm / Length (not including cord) 80mm / Weight 78g
AMI3 Maximum diameter 28mm / Length (not including cord) 70mm / Weight 106g
●Brand: JeJoue (UK)

販売価格:¥10,780 (tax included)
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From London! JeJoue's pelvic floor muscle training products are made with the highest grade premium silicone for a gentle toe-to-toe.The best of the best, making it the forefront of vaginal training goods.There are three sizes of balls in one case!

A growing number of women are interested in vaginal training.It's said that working out your inner muscles and tightening the muscles running from your vagina to your cauda equina will help you have a deeper orgasm.You can do vaginal training with yoga or Pilates, but if you still want to "feel how tight you are," or if you are not good at continuing exercise... you are not alone! At Love Peace Club, we've introduced some goodies that you can put in your vagina to build muscle awareness and toning power.The AMI introduced this time is a completed form that can be said to be the culmination of the vaginal training balls that have been introduced so far! Whether you are just starting out or have already started a vaginal training session, AMI is sure to be the best product for you to use for a long time, focus more on your body and love it more.

There are several reasons why you should train your PC muscle. One, of course, is to deepen my own orgasm. Orgasm is a contraction of the muscles, so the more muscles you work out, the deeper your orgasm will be.It can also relieve incontinence.It can tighten up the male side, which increases the pleasure of sex.Many people say that their hips feel refreshed because they train the inner muscles around the waist.It is also recommended for those who are having trouble getting wet due to menopause.It is said that training your PC muscle will help you stay mentally positive, improve your urinary incontinence and help you to enjoy natural wetting.I also recommend it for postpartum people. Throughout a long period of your life, your training will depend on your physical condition and the way you loosen your PC muscle.

 The great thing about AMI is that you can choose your size depending on your symptoms and condition! If you are a beginner, use the AMI1, which is the lightest, largest, and easiest to slip out of.Next, the AMI2 with the most defined and longest neckline.Once you are familiar with 1 and 2, you can use the AMI3, which is the smallest and heaviest... and so on, step by step.
 All sizes are monitored by Asian women, so they are very easy to put in without straining the body.You can work out just by doing your daily activities while consciously working out and loosening up. It should be about 30 minutes to 4 hours a day and should be removed when going to the bathroom.Everything, including the cord, must be made of soft silicone.It's gentle on the skin and doesn't have any hard spots at all, so it's recommended for those who are reluctant to put it in.
 It comes in a beautiful case.It makes a great gift for a friend who has given birth, or a girl who is suffering from incontinence.

Using the ideas

It is a product that aims to train a vagina, but I think that it can be used when I feel constipated personally! Oh, you can't put it in the anus! You put it in your vagina. A rumbling vibration is transmitted to the lower abdomen, which can lead to a bowel movement. Moreover, the AMI comes in different sizes, so if you're already having a hard time with your stomach, you can try the smaller size. .

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FAQ about products

Q What happens when you work out your vagina?      A A woman's orgasm is a contraction of the PC muscle that runs through the vagina and the cauda equina. When your muscles are tucked away, you can feel the sensation of contraction more deeply. In addition, you can feel that the waist area that was loose becomes clear. Rather than becoming muscular, it's like being aware of your invisible inner muscles and rejuvenating your body from the inside out.
Q I don't know what PC muscle is.       A The PC muscle is the muscle you use when you consciously try to stop peeing. If you're not sure, try to consciously stop urinating when you urinate on the toilet. The place to focus your strength at that time is your PC muscle.
Q I don't know how long to use it or when to remove it.        A For the first week or so of use, start with about 30 minutes. When you get used to it, extend it from 1 to 2 hours to 4 to 5 hours...and so on. If you don't know when to take it off during the day's cycle, for example, it is recommended that you take it off when you go to the bathroom.
Q Where is the correct insertion position? A It should be fully inserted all the way to the back, with only the string part protruding outside the vaginal canal. The correct position is where it does not feel uncomfortable when inserted and does not fall out easily. If the strap is completely inside the vaginal canal, it may be inserted too deeply.

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