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Leather bondage gloves
This is a real leather glove! You can enjoy a strong sense of restraint even though you can only cinch your wrists.

Leather bondage gloves

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●Material: Leather, Silver
●Size: 310 x 140 mm (flat)
●Weight: 111g for one hand

販売価格:¥22,000 (tax included)
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Item Number: 04090217

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A glove that can cinch your wrists. Even though you can simply tighten your wrists, you can enjoy the strong sense of restraint.
There is a hole in the belt attached to the wrist, and you just need to fasten the hardware.It's very easy but you can't take it off by yourself! I am so excited to be able to move around!

The leather is firm enough to handle hard play.
Of course, it's made with safety play in mind, so the areas that actually touch the skin are soft and smooth. It's very soft to the touch and you can enjoy it without thinking about anything else!

It is recommended for those who are not good at tying up with a string. It has two metal fittings, so if you have your own chain, you can put it through.

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