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Bijoux Indiscrets LOUISE MASK
You're a different face tonight. Sticker-type eye mask that can be applied directly to the skin and used over and over again. The image of six women with different personalities.

Bijoux Indiscrets LOUISE MASK

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●Material: Vinyl

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Bijoux is a Barcelona-based sexuality brand launched by three women in 2006.
Bijoux has given women passion and power under the brand policy of "to spend an unforgettable and special time".
The high quality and design of the products are sold in hotels, department stores and lingerie boutiques in 40 countries around the world, mainly in Europe, beyond the sex goods industry.
All the products have one thing in common: a gorgeous, sophisticated beauty!

The "Mask Collection" is a new addition to the lineup and consists of six designs. Each one is an image of an enchanting woman with a different personality.
"Louise" is a fiendish woman with a mole point that is bewitching and sexy.

The mask is a sticker type that can be used again and again.
Contrary to its delicate lace-like appearance, it is made of a strong, very thin and flexible vinyl material that adheres perfectly to uneven faces.
It's not a type of eye mask that puts rubber over your ears or wraps the band around the back of your head, so you won't hurt your ears or mess up your hairstyle even after long hours of use.

Also, there is no "right answer" for this type of mask.
You can choose which direction to go up or down according to your mood, your outfit, and your preference!
It's also easy to cut, so you can customize it to your own original style.
It's not just for playtime for the two of you, but also for the party scene with your dress or when you're playing club.

You're a different face tonight.
An eye mask that will bring out your potential attractiveness and confidence.
Bolder than usual! Be sexier than usual!

*We recommend that you wear it on your bare skin without make-up so as not to weaken the stickiness.
*The recommended use time is up to 8 hours a day.

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