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BEST 5Light6月4日 ~ 6月11日

  • 【RianneS】First Vibe Kit

    RS - Essentials - First Vibe Kit

    6,600 yen

    This set is for those who want to feel more deeply now. The set consists of three items: a vaginal training ball, a valet toy, and a smaller sized anal plug.

  • ミニクラッチ・スワン

    The Swan Clutch small

    15,950 yen

    The final form of vaginal training! The vagina training vibe is the final form of vaginal training! This is a popular vagina training vibe.

  • ラブパールセット【ライト&ミディアム】

    Love Pearl Light & Medium

    4,400 yen

    The smallest size vaginal training ball in the Love Peace Club! 【Light & Medium】set.

  • FemmeFit フェムフィット

    FemmeFit Pelvic Muscle Training Set 6 pc

    8,580 yen

    FemmeFit is a vaginal training ball 6pcs set for women. Six different weight balls inside which is the widest range in our shop allow anyone including beginners to strengthen vaginal pelvic floor musc

  • スマートボールウノ ネオ

    Smartball UNO neo

    2,970 yen

    A vaginal training ball made by the popular German brand FUN FACTORY. The strap is also a single ball made entirely of silicon.

  • ラブパール・ミディアム

    SinFive Medium

    3,300 yen

    SinFive Emigi Love Pearl Flame Vaginal Stimulator

  • Je Joue AMI ケーゲルボール

    AMI Kegel Balls

    9,680 yen

    You can feel the effect of training according to your lifestyle and the occasion. 3 sizes in one set! The most popular vaginal training goods!

  • LELO ルナビーズ

    LELO Luna Beads

    8,470 yen

    A vaginal training ball made by the popular brand LELO. You can combine two types of balls in different weights, pink and light blue. This is a vaginal training ball for beginners.

  • LELO ルナビーズ ノワール

    LELO Luna Beads Noir

    6,380 yen

    The small size is now available! A chic black silicone made by the popular brand LELO. This is a vaginal training ball for beginners that was created by studying the size of Asian women.














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