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Spread the Love Bar
Restraints with a hard-core bar. It's easy with the Velcro, but the four belts couldn't be more restrained!

Spread the Love Bar

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●Material:Polypropylene webbing, hook&loop, polyester, combined velboa fabric, carbon fiber
●Length: 38cm

販売価格:¥4,180 (tax included)
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Item Number: 04090040

Points obtained: 190 LPC Points

*It is different from the posted product photo due to the outer box change. There is no change in the main body of the product and the specifications.
Restraints with a hard-core bar.It can be tucked between both legs as shown in the photo, or it can be used with both hands or one hand or one foot. The restrained limbs cannot be moved of their own volition.

When I put it on both legs, it was as if my legs weren't listening to me and I was left with my crotch open.I'm so excited!4belts are attached, so you can restrain both hands and legs.The belt section is soft and fluffy like faux fur on the inside and is gentle on the skin.

Fastening type with Velcro. The Velcro is strong.This is a great product for both beginners and advanced users of bondage that will make you want to look forward to the next development with a sense of excitement!

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