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Crave Duet Flex Black
Outstanding design, functionality and ease of use! This vibrator is the ultimate in style. A sweet sensation assaults your body if you put your clitoris or nipples between the U-shape.


Crave Duet Flex Black

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●Length: approx. 120mm
●Vibe strength: 4 types
●Vibe pattern: 4 types
●USB rechargeable
●Waterproof for life
●Material: Silicon (no rain acid lid)
●Sound: Small ★☆☆☆ Large
●Warranty Period: 1 year

販売価格:¥24,200 (tax included)
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There are three criteria for choosing a Love Peace Club toy.
Design, functionality, and ease of use
If there's one brand that meets all three of these criteria and is both smart and stylish, it's CRAVE.
Created in the free atmosphere of San Francisco, USA, this sex toy brand cares about how women can enjoy their sex in a safe environment.

The Duet Flex is now available from CRAVE, which always wows the world with its beautiful and functional toys.
First of all, the design is what catches my eye.

The silicone that wraps around the entire vibe has a smooth texture that makes you want to keep touching it. I can't help but be impressed by the quality of the materials used.

Pressing the ○ button between positive and negative will start the vibration.
The vibe sound is very quiet. It's a fine, delicate vibration.
The U-shaped tip wiggles in small increments and vibrates as if it were sucking on an object in between.
The clitoris and the nipple are sandwiched between the U-shape and cannot escape, but the sweet pleasure that does not want to escape attacks the body.
Use the lotion together for smoother, more erotic vibrations.
As shown in the photo, the tip can be easily bent with your fingers, so it fits naturally wherever you put it on your body.

The strength of the vibration changes with positive and negative. Even the weakest vibration is strong enough. When it's maxed out, it's so powerful that you feel like you can hit it right away! as soon as you hit it!
Press the ○ button to change the vibration pattern. There are four different patterns in total.
You can use it according to your mood of the day, whether it's regular vibrations that make you feel like you're in a rhythm or strong and weak vibrations that make you feel like you're slowly moving.
When you've had enough fun, press the ○ button to stop the vibration.

It's very easy to charge the battery, the metal part with the CRAVE logo on the bottom is a cap and the plug comes out when you remove it. If you plug the main body into a PC or USB adapter as it is, charging will start.
This means that you don't need a charging cord! It's also free from the common accident of losing the charging cord.

With a travel lock and a dedicated pouch, you can easily take it with you on a trip or a date.

・It is USB rechargeable. And of course, it's waterproof.
(※This product is waterproof and cannot be used underwater. Please refrain from submerging them in the water.)
・The blue lamp will blink while the unit is charging.
・If you leave it for more than a week with a dead charge, the battery can be damaged. It's best to charge it immediately after use.

※This product is not for anal use.

Using the ideas

It's super-quiet and doesn't look like a stationery toy at first glance. It is a design that does not look like a toy that will think. It also comes with a travel lock, so it can be used not only at home, but also on trips, business trips, dates, and other occasions.

[How to use the travel lock]
Press and hold the ○ button between plus and minus for at least 4 seconds.
A brief buzzing vibration is the signal that the lock is engaged.
Please press and hold the ○ button for at least 4 seconds to unlock the device.

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FAQ about products

Q How do you care for them? A Fit the lower cap tightly and make sure there is no gap between the metal and silicone parts. Leave it on and wash it with your own soap or water. You can use a toy cleaner to keep them even cleaner. After washing, be sure to wipe off the water properly.

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