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OLIKA Pink Dildo L
Fulfilling diameter! Soft and smooth texture! Made of easy-to-use silky silicone! A perfect and cute dildo for everyone.

OLIKA Pink Dildo L

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●Total length:160mm
●Insertable length140mm
●Φ25~36mm ●Weight:175g

販売価格:¥4,620 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02090190

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OLIKA Pink Dildo has a silky and soft touch. It is not too big, not too slim or not too small....just the right size! This relatively small-sized dildo is the same size as other popular dildos in Love Piece Club. Small but has a “realistic” and elastic texture. With an internal core, this OLIKA Pink Dildo will gives you a fulfilling sensation when you insert.

Rather than using with your partner with harness, this small cute dildo is more ideal for your secret pleasure with your favorite erotic fantasies. The suction base allows the dildo to be affixed to any hard and smooth surface such as a wall, mirror or desk etc...
For example, stick it to a wall in the bathroom and enjoy doggy style or stick to a floor and try cowgirl position.....or stick to a mirror and watch the dildo enters your vagina....wow..that’s very erotic!

There are many kind of dildos yet you can hardly find the dildo with suction base like this.
If you are sex-positive and want to experience more adventure, try it!

Pink Dildo Medium has a fulfilling size of 36mm in diameter.
Strongly recommend for those who want to feel of being “filled”.

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