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The built-in heating core in Anya can heat up to 38℃ which is slightly warmer than the human temperature within a few minutes. Anya's warm and soft silicone feel like second skin.



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●Material: Ultra soft silicone + Body-safe ABS
●Size: Φ33mm*195mm
●Noise: small★☆☆☆big
●Battery Type: Polymer lithium battery
●Charging Time: 1 hour
●Using Time:3 hours 
●Vibrate Modes:5+1
●Water Repellency: IPX4 Waterproof
●Made in CHINA

販売価格:¥8,800 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01091034

Points obtained: 400 LPC Points

SVAKOM is a toy brand from the U.S. that gives shape to the idea that "it would be nice to have a toy like this.
With technology and quality that has won the world's leading product design awards such as the German RED DOT award, we are a trusted manufacturer that is always working on innovative toys and is sold in more than 70 countries around the world.

Once again, SVAKOM has delivered a toy that makes women happy.
ANYA" is as warm and soft as human skin!
A small size and easy to use insert vibrator with heat function.

Heat function Press the button and the heat function reaches 38°C, which is slightly warmer than human skin in a few minutes.
The power and heat functions can be run separately, so before you use it, let it warm up first, then turn it on and start vibrating!
It can be used from the beginning of play when it is sufficiently warmed up.

There are many companies that offer vibes with a heat function, but this type that can be heated while the vibration is off is rare.
Waiting for the vibrator to warm up・・・the tingling vibrator is gone. Once the tip of the toy is sufficiently warmed up, it's ready to go!
Since it is made of silicone, it does not feel cold and chilly like metal, but if you let it warm up for a few minutes before insertion, you can enjoy the melting warmth from the moment you insert it.
This warmth is not only for penetration, but also for caressing the clitoris and nipples.

The ergonomically designed form is also gentle on the handle.The crooked part is easy to grip, so the hand is not burdened even if you hold it for a long time.
As you can see in the picture, the body is so soft that when you press it with your finger, you can adjust it so that it is firmly attached to the G-spot where there is a large individual difference in position.
If you put the tip of the warmed toy on the G-spot....it seems to relax you...the warmth will relax you and naturally increase your sensitivity.

The maximum diameter is 33mm and the insertion capacity is 120mm, which is a nice touch.
If you want a slim straight vibe with a heat function, this is the one for you!
Not only as an insert vibe but also as a rotor, the heat function makes you feel exceptionally comfortable.

There are five levels of intensity and five different patterns plus a vibration control mode.
As for the content of the vibration, it is a "fast and fine" type of vibration.A numbing, tingling pleasure rushes in when the output is increased.
This fine vibration is suitable not only for penetration but also for caressing and stimulating the clitoris and nipples.It's also fun to use it with a partner and tickle each other.

And vibration patterns.
It is set up above and below the power button, click the △▽ button! It is a specification that switches to the next vibration when the button is clicked twice.
A variety of vibrations, such as those with rhythms that are perfect for caressing, fun vibrations with strong accents of lows and lows, and vibrations that continue with strong peaks of stimulation that make you want to go for sure.
What's even more amazing is the "Recommended Mode" where ANYA combines these various vibrations!
When you are intoxicated by the delicate vibrator, it suddenly changes to a vibration like a wave undulating from inside, and when you think it is going to stop, it accelerates all at once・・・it entertains you with unpredictable movement.
After letting it steep enough in the recommended mode, you can use your favorite vibration to take pleasure in it all at once! You can also use it as a pleasure!

Of course, the silky, high quality silicone is also safe for your body.
It's a rechargeable toy that can be used repeatedly and will stay with us for a long time in a safe and secure way.

We hope you enjoy the hot stimulation.

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