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BEST 5Obsessive4月30日 ~ 5月7日

  • Obsessive 842-babydoll

    Obsessive 842-babydoll

    8,250 yen

    Plump bustline with a front hook baby doll. Wine red and floral lace for beautiful luxury.

  • Obsessive 855-teddy

    Obsessive 855-teddy

    7,260 yen

    The sexy see-through belt is perfectly proportioned and accentuates the shapely body line. This is the perfect lingerie for the noble and gorgeous you.

  • Obsessive Set 822

    Obsessive Set 822

    7,590 yen

    Slit bra and open crotch panties set. A sophisticated red with a vermillion hue for adults that isn't too flashy, making your bare skin look beautiful.

  • Obsessive Bodystocking G300

    Obsessive Bodystocking G300

    6,600 yen

    Obsessive's new body stockings are so well known for their comfort that they have been called "second skin". The bold cutting and design will make your bodyline look beautiful and sexy!

  • Obsessive Dress Noir D600

    Obsessive Dress Noir D600

    7,040 yen

    Bare top type body stockings. The back is also beautifully cut. Dress as sexy as you can.

  • Obsessive Bodystocking noir N109

    Obsessive Bodystocking noir N109

    6,380 yen

    The feeling of being surrounded by stockings all over the body is erotic! The coolest total mesh body stockings. The vagina part has been cut off.

  • Obsessive Sheridance corset

    Obsessive Sheridance corset

    10,780 yen

    It has supple lines that accentuate the bust and hips and a mannish, tuxedo-like design. New from the popular lingerie brand Obsessive!

  • Obsessive Blackbella Chemise

    Obsessive Blackbella Chemise

    6,380 yen

    Melty Black color CHEMISE from one of the most popular lingery brand in LOVE PIECE CLUB, Obsessive!


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