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    24,200 yen

    It warms up to 40℃ in about 40 seconds. Realistic "human touch" reproduction is now possible. This reversible vibrator can be enjoyed by all genders.

  • kGoal BOOST ケゴール ブースト

    kGoal BOOST

    29,700 yen

    For the health of pelvic floor muscles of all genders. No insertion , just sit on top of the device with clothes on and train!This is a revolutionary pelvic floor muscle training item!

  • kGoal Classic ケゴール クラシック

    kGoal Classic

    29,700 yen

    This is the most advanced pelvic floor muscle training product that makes it easy to understand the sensation of "tightening" through visual and vibration.

  • elvie(エルビー)


    35,200 yen

    The cutting edge of vaginal training goods!
    The vaginal pressure is measured in real time in conjunction with a smart phone, and a training plan that suits you is created.

  • INTIMINA Laselle Set ラゼル セット

    INTIMINA Laselle Set

    6,930 yen

    Laselle is a training ball born in Sweden.
    based on the advice of midwives and other experts.By connecting balls of different weights, you can use it in up to six different weight patterns.

  • 【RianneS】 プレイボール ヌードバッグ

    RianneS Playballs Multi Color Nude

    5,500 yen

    Beautiful Design, ideal size and easy-to-use. This is the perfect kegel training balls!

  • 【RianneS】 プレイボール コーラルバッグ

    RianneS Playballs Multi Color Coral

    5,500 yen

    Beautiful Design, ideal size and easy-to-use. This is the perfect kegel training balls!

  • 【RianneS】First Vibe Kit

    RS - Essentials - First Vibe Kit

    6,600 yen

    This set is for those who want to feel more deeply now. The set consists of three items: a vaginal training ball, a valet toy, and a smaller sized anal plug.

  • 【RianneS】 Pulsy Playball ピンク

    【RianneS】 Pulsy Playball Pink

    9,350 yen

    This is a vaginal training product that vibraThe brand is designed for women's sexual wellness, so you'll feel more like My body, My choice and more like you're working out.tes!

  • Inspire シリコンダイレーター 5本セット

    Inspire Silicone Dilator

    15,400 yen

    CalExotics supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer®, a non-profit organization supporting women affected by breast cancer. CalExotics generously donates proceeds from these items to Living Beyond Breast

  • Inspire バイブダイレーター キット

    Inspire Vibrating Dilator Kit

    6,930 yen

    A part of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to women who have overcome breast cancer. The pink dilator, made by the women's toy brand "CalExotics", turns into a vibe by attaching a motor.

  • 腟ダイレーター no.1

    Vaginal Dilator by BS No.1

    4,400 yen

    Vaginal Dilator size No.1 from BS, Spain.100% Medical Safe Silicone.


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