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How to choose lotions

We only sell selected lotions which you can use on your body safely. Lotions can help you to have safer sex. We are happy to assist you in choosing the best lotion for you, considering your needs and any conditions you may have, for example, allergies.

Q Are there any silicon based lotions?
A Silicon based lotions are made of bigger sized atoms so that they can cover and protect your soft and thin skin. They will not dry up quickly and will last, so we recommend them for anal sex or sex in the bath.

☆Best three recommended lotions☆

Q Do you have any lotions designed for single use which are good for traveling?
A These are designed for single use for you to sample or to take on your travels. There is a wide range to try including natural, silicone, and more stimulating ones.

☆Best three recommended lotions☆

Q I would like to find lickable lotions.
A Basically we don't recommend lotions which you cannot lick. However, some lotions are extra tasty as they are made to be licked.
Q Are there any lotions which only use natural ingredients?
A These are lotions made of natural ingredients without any preservatives or perfume.
Q Which lotion can we use for anal sex?
A Your skin is more easily damaged by anal sex than through other sexual activity. We recommend silicone lotions which can coat your skin and are smooth and wet.
Q Do you have any lotions in beautiful bottles which do not look like ‘lotions’?
A We stock lotions in beautiful bottles which look like cosmetics. Our popular ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ lotions are here!
Q I would like to try lotions which we can massage with and that make us warm?
A When massaged into your skin, these thermal sensing lotions can make you feel warm and they are safe to apply on sensitive areas like the clitoris. It is best to keep them warm!

☆Best three recommended lotions☆

Q When there is pain because I am not wet, I want to apply lotions without being noticed by my partner.
A We have natural and non-sticky lotions which close resemble your own fluid. There come in a stick and a standard type.

☆Best three recommended lotions☆

Q Are there any hot massage oils in a candle type?
A Massage is a part of sex, so here is a massage oil which is safe to use when in contact with bodily fluids. However, please note that you cannot use these with condoms made of latex.

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