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FunFactory Anal Duke
The "P-spot vibe" of a long seller in "FUN FACTORY"! Five kinds of patterns can be enjoyed every time a button is pushed!It is a simple specification that stops with a long press.


FunFactory Anal Duke

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●Material: Silicon (vibrator part), ABS resin (control part) 
●Size: 167mm in length
●Diameter: max. 37mm(max. 24mm at the apex)
●Weight: 143g
●Complete waterproofing (insertion part) Living waterproofing (vibrator part) 
●Rechargeable: 12 hours of continuous use on a full charge
●USB rechargeable
●Made in Germany

販売価格:¥11,990 (tax included)
Sold Out:Next arrival is 2024/03/20

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This vibe is called the prince of the P-spot. The German-born "Duke" is now available for all anal fans!
The ergonomic design makes it fit perfectly in the back of the man's prostate (P-spot) and testicles, making it a smooth and powerful vibe. The puffiness of the top and its softness brings out the feeling of penetration to perfection and brings out the good feeling. The click-charge charger keeps you feeling good for hours on end.

The handle makes it easy to put in and take out, and it's also easy to rock back and forth a bit. It is considered.
It is also nice to be able to operate the button of the vibe while inserting it! 
The insertion part uses 100% silicone.
Rechargeable, seamless and washable in water
The vibe part is waterproof for life, so you can't submerge it in water.
The vibe part is removable, so only the insertion part can be sterilized by boiling.
It's very clean to use.
There is only one button, and each time you press a button, you can enjoy five different patterns, and it is a simple specification that stops when you press and hold a button.
I recommend it!

FUN FACTORY is a long-established brand established in 1996 that boasts by far the largest share of the market in Germany, the advanced country of Toy. While many manufacturers have factories in Asia in order to reduce the price of their products, they have factories in Germany and are exceptionally particular about MADE IN GERMANY.

Toy features a pop of color and design. The company has won the Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Award, and has been recognized worldwide for the artistry of its products.

*The specifications of the buttons have changed and are now red in color.
*A USB type charger is included. If you prefer to charge the device from an electrical outlet, please purchase the USB AC adapter together with the device.

Using the ideas

Use it with a water-based lotion. The recommended lotion is "Organic smooth gel for anal" or other sticky lotion.
*Do not use with silicone lotion.

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FAQ about products

Q How do I do it? A One button.Press the FUN logo button for 2 seconds to toggle between ON and OFF. If you press the button continuously after turning it on, the vibration pattern will change.
※Note: Before using it for the first time, be sure to fully charge it. The charge should continue for up to 6 hours. The next time you charge it, it will be fully charged in about 4 hours.
*If you turn on the plug while using the vibe, the vibe will automatically turn off. When the vibe is released from the plug, you can use the control panel to move it again.
Q If the charger breaks, do I need to change it separately? A We also sell only the charger. There are also many types of Click Charge series. From small to large, piston-like vibrators, men's vibrators, etc... You can enjoy a variety of vibes with a single charger.
Q Do I need a condom?   A It's not necessary. We use high quality medical grade silicone. It's very smooth to the touch.Please do not use a condom if possible.


Raymond Miu loving you^ ^

it can be used for woman o-point(cervical point).

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