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【Unbound】Clutch poppy/cerise
Rabbit Toy combines a powerful piston and clitoral vibrator. There are 120 different vibe patterns. Piston technology using the power of magnets stimulates the points without any displacement.


【Unbound】Clutch poppy/cerise

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Total length:200mm
Insertable length:120mm
●Battery Type:USB charging
●Charging Time:3 hours for full charge
●Operating time:approx. 60 min.
●Vibration patterns
Insert part: 10 types (1~5 levels: piston strength, 6~10 levels: rhythm patterns)
Clitoris vibrator: 12 types (1~7 levels: vibration intensity, 8~12 levels: rhythm patterns)
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥17,930 (tax included)
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Unbound, a femtech brand for women started by feminists in New York City, now offers a rabbit type toy "Clutch"!

Unbound started in a small apartment in New York and has recently become a hot brand among American women.
Originally, it was an e-commerce store that selected sexual goods from all over the world, similar to LOVE PIECE CLUB.
CEO Paulie Rodriguez was inspired to launch Unbound by her own experience. She tried to buy a toy for herself when she was unable to conceive as a result of cancer treatment. But many of the products sold in so-called sex stores were grotesque and dubious from a male perspective. Finally, she started Unbound in 2014 as a new sex store.
Although it started out as a select store, she later began making her own brand of products as well.
From the perspective of a professional who has handled toys from all over the world, the company has grown into a toy brand based on the concept of completely new ideas and ease of use that never existed before, such as the ring-shaped rotor "Palma," the UFO-shaped toy "SAUCY," and the freely bendable insert toy "Bender".

Clutch is a rabbit type toy that took two years to develop and was made with great care.
The rabbit type is a toy that combines an insert part and a clitoral stimulating rotor in one. Among them, the Clutch is a piston vibrator and clitoral vibrator in one.
The "Clutch Poppy/Cherries" comes in pop and bright bi-colors.

Many conventional piston vibrators gradually moved out and out with the piston movement of the vibrator itself, rather than continuing to move inside the body. This problem makes it difficult to keep stimulating the same place at all times.
To solve this problem, Clutch developed a patent-pending technology that minimizes the movement of the vibrator during insertion.
Focusing on magnetic force, this unprecedented technology uses the repulsive force of magnets to create a back-and-forth piston motion.

When you hear "minimal vibrator movement," you might think that the piston might not be powerful enough, but it is rather very powerful!
The weighted piston moves as if it is poking from below. And the piston's special piston technology achieves a repetitive rippling motion, always stimulating a certain spot.
The pistons are powerful, so you may feel as if they are moving up and down as well as back and forth.
It also feels different from the slow pistons of other piston toys. There is a sense of momentum to each piston due to the energy of the magnets inside repelling each other. It is just like being " pushed" from below.

When the toy is placed flat and viewed from the side, the most bulging part at the tip of the insert is 39 mm in diameter, which is the thickest size among LOVE PIECE CLUB.
When actually inserted, the penis gently expands from the leading edge of the insertion area, and once it is past the bulging part, it smoothly enters. After the most distended part, it gradually gets thinner and thinner until it is about 20 mm at the base. The protruding part stimulates the G-spot like a piston.

The insertable portion is approximately 120 mm, so it is also recommended for those who like a length that allows for firm insertion to the back.
However, the length may make it difficult for the clitoral vibrator to reach the clitoris if it is not inserted deep enough.
If this is the case, try adjusting the position of the clitoral vibrator. The clitoral vibrator is flexible, so you can adjust it to any position you like.
Since the vibrator is plump and bulging, it is close to the insert part and you can enjoy the sensation of being pinched when it is fitted.

It is recommended to enjoy clitoral stimulation with only this vibrator before inserting it. The insert part has 5 intensity levels and 5 patterns, while the clitoral vibrator has 7 intensity levels and 5 vibration patterns.
These two can be operated separately with each button, so there are a whopping 120 possible combinations!
You can combine the strength and patterns to your liking and enjoy it as much as you want!

The triangular handle, one of the features of the clutch, fits easily in your hand and is easy to move when looking for the right position for you! For example, when you use a toy while lying down, you will be happy if the handle is easy to reach!
If the insert part of the clutch is too long for the vaginal area and the clitoral vibrator is hard to fit in a good position, you can move this handle to adjust it.
It is also easy to handle when used with a partner.
You can grip the entire handle, hook your fingers in the loop, or use whatever way works best for you.

This clutch has excellent functionality with 120 ways to enjoy it, but it is easy to operate. There are only two buttons.
There is a button for the insert part and a button for the clitoral vibrator, and each piston and vibrator can be controlled separately with these buttons.
Pressing and holding the button for two seconds turns it on, and the same goes for turning it off; pressing and holding the button for two seconds stops it.
Each press of the button changes the intensity level or pattern, so you can change to the next level or pattern with a single touch.

The clutch can also be immersed in water up to 1 meter deep and for up to 30 minutes! You can also enjoy it in the bath.
The smooth, sleek, high-quality silicone is easy on the hand!

When using the clutch, it is recommended to apply plenty of water-based lotion. You can enjoy the characteristic piston with less friction more slowly!
I want to stimulate both clitoris and G-spot! But I also want to feel the back of the penis! This is a little bit greedy(?) wish of such an advanced toy maker! It seems to be able to fulfill the wishes of such advanced toys!

*This product uses electromagnetic fields to operate the insert portion. If you have a pacemaker or similar medical electronic device, we recommend that you consult your physician or local healthcare provider before use.

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FAQ about products

Q Is it safe to use electromagnetic stimulation to move magnets for piston motion? A The frequency of the clutch is 5-12 Hz, which is a low-frequency electromagnetic wave. These electromagnetic waves are considered harmless to humans. For example, it is comparable to that of microwave ovens, cellular phones, hair dryers, washing machines, and other household appliances.
Q Please tell us how to take care of it. A Be sure to keep the product clean before and after use. Wash with mild soap and warm water. We also recommend the use of a special toy cleaner.

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