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rodeoH BRIEF JADE Msize
A hot topic! Practical and cool dildo-mounted pants! Wide elastic waist for a secure hold. Secure a dildo of 40mm or less in diameter.The refreshing and smart "JADE" color is popular.


rodeoH BRIEF JADE Msize

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●Material: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
●M:66cm〜71cm (27-29)
*Please do not put it in the dryer. (It's machine washable.)

販売価格:¥9,240 (tax included)
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Item Number: 4403

Points obtained: 420 LPC Points

※This product is sold in size M only.

Easy to use and easy to move.
Cool dildo-mounted pants "RodeoH".
To the standard popular products of Love Pi, a new lineup was added!

The briefs are easy to wear and have a secure fit.
Deeper inseam and wider 4.4 cm elastic waist for more stability in the RodeoH series.

This time RodeoH comes in a refreshing and cool color "JADE"!
It's a versatile color that will be loved by those who like boys-like items as well as those who like feminine items.
It will tighten any skin tone and make you look fresh, so I recommend it for all ages and all skin tones!

Compared to other rodeoH, the fabric around the ring is smaller and the seams are closer to the ring, making it easier to hold the root of the dildo in place.
The stability of the dildo is excellent, allowing you to use it more naturally, as if it were growing out of your own body.

The dildo hole is 44mm in diameter.
It is slightly wider, so most dildos can be fitted.
It is lined on the inside to support the bottom of the dildo.
It is a little less stable than a belt-type harness, but if you can move your hips while holding the dildo with one hand, you can fully enjoy natural movement.

In addition, soft dildos for everyday use, such as light dildos, can also be worn.
If you want to feel the weight in the middle of your body, we recommend that you purchase this with a light dildo.
You can see it from the top of your jeans or suit.
Choose a dildo with a diameter of 40mm or less.
(Most dildos in the Love Peace Club can be fitted.)

This is the thickest and sturdiest fabric in the rodeoH series and can be used for a long time.
It can be machine washed in a net, but please do not use hot water.
In addition, please let it dry naturally after washing because the shape will be deformed if it is put in the dryer.

Please choose a size slightly below the waist.

*This product is made under a strict control system throughout the entire process. This product cannot be returned for hygiene reasons. Please check the size of your usual jeans (in inches) and the size of your waist.
*Please feel free to contact us if you are concerned about the size.

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FAQ about products

Q How do I measure my size? A RodeoHThe waist is made to come around the pelvis, just around the hip bone. So, it is OK to measure around the pelvis (around the hip bone)!
Q I can't tell if it fits or not by looking at the size chart.   A RodeoHis a washable pants-type harness. This means that unlike leather harnesses, the harnesses can be stretched little by little. Please check your waist size and the size chart for your choice. However, if you are thinking of using it for a long time, we recommend you to choose the one size down. Please feel free to contact us if you are concerned!

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