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FunFactory Dildo Limba Flex S
Customizable! A dildo that can be bent freely. The slim base is a suction cup that can be firmly attached to tiles and mirrors. Designed for both harness play and solo play.


FunFactory Dildo Limba Flex S

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●Material: Medical silicone
●Size :
Overall length 120mm
Width 30mm
Possible insertion part: about 110mm
Stand width: 75mm max.
●Country of origin:Germany

販売価格:¥11,000 (tax included)
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The Limba dildo is our ideal dildo that incorporates all the things we wish we had in a dildo.
FUN FACTORY is the world's most popular and long-established toy brand, which started in Germany in 1996.
many manufacturers have factories in Asia in order to keep prices low,
FUN FACTORY has a factory in Germany and focuses on handmade products by
In addition, more than half of the employees at the
headquarters in Germany are women. This is a very serious brand that
caters to the opinions of women and makes toys for users of all
sexualities and genders.

The newly arrived Limba has many features that other dildos do not have, based on the FUN FACTORY user's perspective!

Feature 1: Wire-banded and freely bendable
The Limba has a wire band in the shaft, so it can be bent into any shape you want.
Quickly! Quickly! You can bend the body by hand and adjust the angle to your liking.
This idea comes from the fact that FUN FACTORY knows that diversity is a part of great sex.
all have different bodies and none of us have the same body. The
optimal angles and positions are also different for each of us.
That's why Limba has a built-in wire band that can be bent at will and stays securely in place no matter who is using it.
Try the C-form, straight, S-form, and many other shapes.
the angle to your liking and it's perfect for the G-spot, P-spot,
A-spot, and all other spots! There is no need to buy different dildos
for different purposes.

The thin and stable base increases the feeling of closeness with your partner.
The thin base is one of the main features of FUN FACTORY's dildos.
dildos have a thicker base to give a sense of stability, but FUN
FACTORY has designed a unique streamlined form with a triangular silicon
base that spreads out slowly to give a sense of stability despite its
So what is the advantage of having a thin base?
When you play with a harness, you can get closer to your partner. This means that you can get closer to your partner.
thicker the base, the more space there is between the harness and the
dildo, which slightly reduces the feeling of closeness when you insert
it deeply.
The Love Peace Club offers a number of dildos, but the FUN
FACTORY dildo series is the softest with the thinnest and slimmest

Firmly adheres to flat surfaces such as walls and mirrors! Easy to use for solo play.
The base of the Limba is a strong suction cup.
The base of the Limba is a strong suction cup that can be attached to flat surfaces such as walls, mirrors, desks and tiles.
is designed to be used in a variety of situations, even for solo play,
such as attaching it to bathroom wall tiles, or attaching it to a mirror
to watch the insertion from a different angle.

The material used is medical-grade body-safe silicone, so you can use it for a long time with peace of mind.
The small size is 30mm in diameter, and the medium size is 32mm, which is also a great design.
people say that overseas dildos with good design and quality are
attractive, but their size is too big to use. The size of the dildos is
perfect for those who want to use them.
Whether you're making your first dildo debut or you've tried big dildos before, give this one a try!

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