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【Official Product】Womanizer Starlet3 Turquoise
It is one of the cheapest in the Womanizer series and is recommended as a first suction toy or a gift!Compact size at 78g and easy to handle.


【Official Product】Womanizer Starlet3 Turquoise

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●Material:Silicon, ABS resin
●Size: 120mm x 45mm x 48mm
●Noise: ★★★☆
●Battery Type: USB rechargeable
●Charging Time: 30 min.
●Operating time: 30 min.
●Vibrate Modes:1 type
●Vibrate Intensities:6 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof (IPX7)
●Warranty Period:5 year
●Manufacturer: womanizer (Germany)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥11,880 (tax included)
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The popular suction toy "Womanizer Starlet" has been upgraded and re-released! It is the inexpensive suction toy in the Womanizer series and is recommended as a first time suction toy or a gift. 78g lightweight and compact size makes it easy to use. Why don't you try the popular Womanizer here first?

The Womanizer, the world's first suction vibrator, was created in 2014.
It is neither a medium nor a strong stimulator. It was a smash hit all over the world. It quickly became a bestseller in Japan as well.
Since then, numerous brands have followed Womanizer's lead and released suction toys.
Suction toys have established a firm position as a new genre in the toy world.
Many repeat customers say, "Once I use it, I can't let go of it," or "It was hard for me to come recently, but with the suction toy, I got the pleasure back like the first time I had an orgasm." If you want to experience the pleasure of a suction toy, we recommend the original Womanizer!

The popular "Starlet" toy from the Womanizer series has been upgraded and re-released!
"Starlet 3" is an inexpensive and easy-to-try toy among the many high-priced products in the Womanizer series, and is perfect for first-time users or those who prefer gentle and gentle suction rather than strong and aggressive suction.
In order to provide users with a simple and comfortable suction experience, no additional functions were added, and only six levels of suction power were used. This makes the product easy to hold and less tiring to use even after continuous use.
The overall length of the compact size is smaller than an iPhone and can be easily stored in a cosmetic pouch, making it convenient for use outside the home, such as when traveling, on a date, or at a hotel on the road.

The first major improvement over the previous model is the suction strength level, which has been upgraded from 4 to 6 levels!
Also, the packaging is completely plastic-free. This is a sustainable package following the premium eco-friendly package.
The color range has also been expanded from 3 to 5 colors, giving you more options to choose your favorite color.

In addition, the magnetic charging system is now designed to be IPX7, which is more waterproof.
It can be used with peace of mind during bath time or when freshening up in the shower. It is also easier to clean when washing before and after use.

It is very easy to use. Place the cap over the clitoris and press and hold the plus (+) button to turn on the power.
Each time you press the plus button, the output will increase, and the sixth level is the maximum output. To reduce the output, press the minus (-) button, and to turn off the power, press and hold this button. When the cup is fully inserted to cover the clitoris, the rim of the cup vibrates gently at the base of the clitoris while the tip of the cup is sucked in.
It works especially well in combination with lubricant. When the Starlet 3 is gently placed on a wet clitoris, you will feel as if you are being gently kissed while being erotically sucked up.

The vibrator was invented in 19th century England as part of "mental treatment".
The idea was that regular vibrations to the clitoris would lead to orgasm... and that this would cure depression. The vibrator was originally conceived as a clitoral massage rather than a vaginal insertion. This was a time when women were thought to have no sexual desire.
Of course, today we live in an age and society where women are free to talk about and enjoy sex (although there are still many problems). It is also an age in which people actively think and talk about what it means to feel good. In such an age and against such a social background, the womanizer was created from the perspective of women's desire.
 It is different from insertion-type vibrators, clitoral stimulators, and rabbit-type that stimulate the clitoris while being inserted. This is truly a toy that, until now, did not seem possible.

The Starlet 3 is designed for those who are making their first womanizer debut or for those who prefer gentle and gentle suction.

The light inside the suction part blinks while charging. It is difficult to see from the outside, so please look into the suction part to check the light. Do not apply it to the same spot for more than 15 minutes.
Do not use if you have a pacemaker.
If pain occurs, discontinue use immediately.

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