It was chic, and "BLACK LINE" with a sense of luxury appeared! The long-awaited "G5″ "BIGBOSS" of FUN FACTORY is a perfect thickness! Size! The satisfaction of XL!



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●100% waterproof
●USB rechargeable
●control element with one touch buttons and turbobooster
●12 vibration programs
●very powerful yet quieter motor
●vibration shaft out of 100% silicone
●stimulates the G-spong
●illuminated control element (except in the black/black combination)
●Size: 29 cm
●Ø 4.3~4.6 cm

販売価格:¥20,020 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01030066

Points obtained: 910 LPC Points

FUN FACTORY is a long-established brand established in 1996 that boasts by far the largest share of the market in Germany, the advanced country of Toy. While many manufacturers have factories in Asia in order to reduce the price of their products, they have factories in Germany and are exceptionally particular about MADE IN GERMANY.
Toy features a pop of color and design. The company has won the Red Dot Design Award and the Good Design Award, and has been recognized worldwide for the artistry of its products.
At our headquarters in Germany, more than half of our employees are women. It's based on their real needs, so yeah! That's what I wanted! The result is a toy that is so close to the women's opinions that it makes you want to say, "Yes, this is what I wanted!

It was chic and "BLACK LINE" with a sense of luxury appeared from FUN FANCTORY where a colorful toy is impressive!
It is a lineup of black color and new FUN FACTORY of the stylish impression as if it were a completely new toy.

The G5 series is an upgraded version of a previous product. There are three points of evolution.
①Easy to use!
The specifications of the buttons have been changed. Easy to click, so you can easily adjust the intensity! By pressing the FUN button, ON/OFF is completed by one touch. It's convenient because you can stop the vibration without having to press long or hit it continuously.
②The vibration is even higher!
Compared to the previous product, the vibration at the hand is smaller and the vibration at the insertion part is larger.
In other words, my hands are not numb from the vibration, but the feeling is much greater.
I'm using a vibrator and I'm so close to cumming, but my hands are numb and I'm at my limit! That's it! Have you ever had the feeling that you're about to cum, but your hands are too numb! Only FUNFACTORY, with its high level of technology, is able to offer the best vibes for vibe users.
③Lock function added!
It is now possible to apply a lock. When I carried it, it suddenly started to move! It is also free from any accidents. It's perfect for traveling and going out.

This is what it means to be satisfied with an extra/large size! This is the perfect size vibe that we have been looking for. It is huge. But it goes in strangely. And it's a very satisfying feeling.
The surface is the highest level of premium silicone, which is resilient and feels like a core inside, while the outside is a real leather-like sizzle. The tip is 50 mm in diameter, and it is very thick. As soon as it hits my uterus, I feel the weight of it. There is a slight streak on the surface. You can see that the vagina becomes so sensitive that even this unevenness can be felt on the skin at the entrance of the vagina.
The stimulation of the vibrator is such a weight that you can feel it deep inside. This is the vibe that makes you want to shout out and enjoy it.

※A USB type charger is included in the main body.

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