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【24H SALE】Dame Aer(エアー)
A suction toy for oral pleasure fans. Designed to replicate the sensation of having the tip of your clitoris smoothly stimulated by the tip of your tongue while being sucked by soft lips.


【24H SALE】Dame Aer(エアー)

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●Material: Medical grade silicone
●Size: W38mm x H120mm x D50mm
●Suction port size: H21mm x W13mm
●Weight: 114g
●Sound: Small ★☆☆☆ Large
●Charging method: USB
●Suction pattern: 5 types
●Suction strength: 5 levels
●Waterproof: Completely waterproof
●Warranty: 3 year
●Manufacturer: DAME products
●Country of manufacture: China

販売価格:¥16,335 (tax included)
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Dame is a femtech brand that has been producing toys for women, with the goal of bridging the gender gap in orgasms.
Among hetero couples, 91% of men have experienced an orgasm during sex, while 39% of women have had an orgasm during sex.
This brand has been growing rapidly in the toy industry with the aim of bringing about a change in this difference = the "gender gap in pleasure.

Now, in order to bridge the orgasm gender gap, Dame focused on the clitoris.
This is because recent sexology has shown that more than 70% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm.
Dame first gained attention from around the world with the creation of Eva, a revolutionary clitoral toy, and has continued to produce clitoris-specific toys ever since. He is truly an expert in clitoral pleasure.
The "Aer" is the first suction toy that Dame has created.
Suction toys, which do not directly touch the clitoris but provide a gentle sucking sensation, are one of the most popular toy genres today.
New suction toys are appearing one after another from various brands, but the Aer has the charm of Dame, which has been dealing with the pleasure of the clitoris based on accurate ergonomic data for many years.

A breath of fresh air
Aer isn’t a vibrator, it’s a whole nother adventure. Its pressure-wave technology creates rhythmic pulses of air that’ll give even the most savvy, curious vibe users a unique thrill.
The change in air pressure causes the clitoris to feel as if it is being sucked when it is placed on the clitoris, bringing pleasure while increasing circulation to the clitoris.

Lip service
the sensation is delicate and erotic, as if the tip of the clitoris is being sucked and licked finely with the tip of the tongue at the same time.
Aer mimics the flutter of a tongue and the suction of a mouth—perfect if oral stimulation sends you over the edge.

Go all the way, right away
Aer keeps the focus on your orgasm by creating a soft seal around your clitoris. If your arousal needs a kickstart, or if you just prefer a quick and intense peak, Aer gets you there.
There are five suction levels in total, which may not seem like a lot, but the suction power switches clearly from one level to the next like a large staircase, so there is a considerable difference in suction power between the weakest and highest suction levels.
Therefore, it is suitable for a wide range of people, from those who like a weak suction to those who like a strong suction.

In addition, while suction with only a constant output tends to be monotonous, the five suction patterns allow you to enjoy rhythmic stimulation.

One more thing that greatly affects the pleasure of Aer is the size of its characteristic suction port.
It is also a feature that sets Aer apart from other brands.
The size of the suction port is larger than most brands, and the suction port is egg-shaped. The silicone around the suction port is very thin and soft.

This allows it to fit perfectly on our undulating bodies, which are never flat, and on clitorises of any size.
Many suction toys, like the Aer, use changes in air pressure to bring about the sensation of suction, but the trick for pleasure in this case is to make sure it fits and seals the skin as tightly as possible. However, depending on the shape of the suction port, it may be difficult to fit it to the body, and the air inside the suction port may leak out, reducing the pleasure by half. Also, some people find that the hard suction cups are too stimulating and painful.
However, the Aer is made of medical grade smooth and soft silicone that adheres precisely to the skin without causing any pain. It is designed to fit not only on the clitoris but also on the nipples.
The sensation that occurs inside the clitoris when the suction cups are in perfect contact with the skin is unprecedented, as the tip of the tongue flutters and rolls as the clitoris is sucked softly. ・・・・ All the nerves are naturally focused on the clitoris.

It is gentle and smooth, gentle and careful, but strongly stimulating and pleasurable.
Our staff recommends using it with the Alu Aloe Lotion from Dame. The suction mouth is softer than other suction toys, so you can use it as it is, but the lotion will bring you closer to the oral sensation.
This is the toy that fans have been waiting for, packed with the erotic sensations of oral play.

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