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Golden Python Cuff
Berlin's hottest fetish brand, Fraulein Kink, is a fluffy The combination of rabbit fur and python leather is cool. This cuff is for one hand.


Golden Python Cuff

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●Material: Python leather/rabbit fur/18k
●Size:20cm (maximum wrist) / 40cm (chain length)
●Brand:Fraulein Kink (Berlin)

販売価格:¥14,784 (tax included)
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Item Number: 04100025

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A cool one-handed cuff with a combination of fluffy rabbit fur and python leather. The rabbit fur makes a direct contact with the skin for a gentle fit. Just by wearing it, it has a fluffy texture that makes you swoon. Securely restrained with python leather. The more you use it, the more it blends into your skin. It comes with a gold metal chain. This is the new 2015 collection from Berlin's hottest fetish brand "Fraulei Kink" (Freulei Kink). Each piece is made to order in our Berlin atelier. We use only the finest materials and deliver each and every product with pride and responsibility. In addition, it is a fetish brand that the Love Peace Club pushes with the high functionality that can be used for hard play, not to mention the high fashionability.

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