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Je Joue Hera Solid Purple
"Hera" is a rabbit vibrator with a flexible clitoral part. It may look very simple at first glance, but this vibrator was developed based on ergonomics under the advice of a gynecologist.


Je Joue Hera Solid Purple

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●Material:Silicon, ABS resin
Total length:180mm
Insertable length:90mm
●Noise: Small★☆☆☆Large
●Battery Type: USB charging
●Charging Time:2 hours for full charge (12 hours for the first time)
●Operating time:45~60 minutes
●Vibrate Modes:7 types
●Vibrate Intensities:5 levels
●Waterproof:Completely waterproof
●Warranty Period:1 year
●Manufacturer: Je Joue (UK)
●Made in:China

販売価格:¥23,100 (tax included)
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Je Joue is a British brand that has won the Vibe Design Award for three consecutive years.
As the name of the brand means "I play," Je Joue is an adult toy brand that is beautiful and sophisticated in every aspect, from the packaging to the design of the toys.
This time, Je Joue has created a wonderful vibrator.

Hera is a rabbit vibrator with a flexible clitoral part.
At first glance, it looks very simple, but it was developed based on ergonomics under the advice of a gynecologist.
While many inexpensive sex toys are made with an emphasis on cost rather than safety, the Hera was developed in consultation with a gynecologist, and can be used with peace of mind and relaxation.

The rabbit part is shaped to imitate a recessed thumb and gently fits the clitoris. Its width, which is equivalent to about two thumbs, allows for firm pressure on the clitoris and its surrounding area.
The insertion portion is approximately 9 cm long and 2.8~3 cm in diameter, with a slightly smaller tip. The body is also characterized by its slenderness, with the smallest diameter being approximately 1.9 cm, which is quite thin for a vibrator. This size was designed in consideration of the contraction of the vaginal opening during orgasm.

Five levels of vibration intensity. Low frequency vibration delivers vibration to more internal nerve endings.
As many of you know, the visible clitoris is actually the tip of the iceberg, only 10% of one large organ. The remaining 90% is buried inside the body, bulbous in shape, with large roots extending from side to side through the labia majora and into the body, like legs on either side. These "legs" are called labial legs.

The Hera stimulates the entire internal clitoris with its low-frequency vibrations. The low-frequency vibrations reach the entire clitoris from the rabbit and insertion points, both inside and outside the clitoris, sending a rush of pleasure through the body.

There are a total of seven vibration patterns. Some patterns emphasize the rabbit part, others the insertion part, some alternate rhythmically, and some are interlocked like a heartbeat, allowing for a variety of ways to enjoy the vibrations.

The flexible rabbit part can be turned up and down so that it can be used only for insertion. At first, you can slowly build up your orgasm with insertion only, and finally reach a blended orgasm with the Rabbit! You can even play with it in this way!

The silky silicone texture of JeJoue is still there, and the handle fits securely in the palm for a comfortable feel that makes you want to keep touching it.
It fits not only in the palm but also in the vagina, and once inserted, it stays firmly in place and does not wobble or become unstable.

Have you ever had a lot of vibrators, but somehow you always end up using that one?
The Hera is just such a "not flashy but heavy duty" vibrator.
The more you use this vibrator, the more you will want to keep it.
Whether you are a beginner or a vibrator collector, please give it a try and see how comfortable it is to use!
It is completely waterproof and can be washed in its entirety for easy care. It can also be used in the bathroom.

How to use
1.Press and hold the + button to turn on the power.
2. Press the middle 〜 button to change the vibration pattern (7 types in total).
3. Press + button to increase the vibration and - button to decrease the vibration (5 levels).
4.Press and hold the - button to turn off the power.
*After use, please wash with body soap or tone cleaner and dry well before storing. Store away from high temperature and humidity as this is a precision instrument.

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FAQ about products

Q How do I care for it? A Be sure to keep the product clean before and after use. Wash with mild soap and warm water. We also recommend the use of a special toy cleaner.

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