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The double dildo "Share" is now lighter and easier to use! Both lesbian and hetero couples can enjoy it. The body is flexible, so it can be used in any position.



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●Material: 100% medical silicone
●Length (short): 130mm
●Length (long side): 170mm
●Weight: 340g
●Thickest part (shortest):40.5mm
●Thickest part (long):36mm
●Made in:Germany

販売価格:¥18,920 (tax included)
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Item Number: 6351

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For lesbian couples who want to have harness sex, but don't want to bother with belts and shorts, or for hetero couples who want to attack their man's anus, we recommended the  "Share" dildo, which was a best-selling item.

The "shear," a dildo that can be inserted into both sides, belongs to the "two-headed dildo" genre. Most double-headed dildos have grotesque designs and are straight and horizontal, making them not only impractical but also questionable, as if they were made to show lesbian sex to someone, like in porn.
The "Share" is a revolutionary dildo that allows users to have harnessed sex without having to wear a harness.
It has been loved for a long time because it is a dildo like no other, and it is one of our best-selling dildos.

This time, the share has evolved and succeeded in reducing the weight by nearly 100g! By replacing the silicone body with a special sponge, we succeeded in reducing the weight by 22%, from 423g to 331g.

Designed to instinctively contract the pelvic floor muscles, the SHARE can be used 100% without a harness, but the reduced weight reduces the possibility of slipping down, making it even easier to control.
Reflecting feedback from previous "Share" users, the fit has been improved. Ergonomically shaped to prevent slippage even with legs spread apart. The insert side is more upward, stimulating the G-spot on the wearing side. If the recipient is a woman, the G-spot is stimulated, and if the recipient is a man, the P-spot is stimulated reliably.

The body is flexible and can be used in a variety of positions.
When used by a lesbian couple, one can be used without an insert.

The "Share Light" is a dildo for couples that allows both of you to feel good at the same time, regardless of your sexuality.
We hope you will enjoy its comfort!

If you are a lesbian couple and one of you is uncomfortable with inserts, the following dildos are also available. (These will need a harness)
FUZE Velvet

Please find the perfect dildo for you!

*This is a product with a firm and thick insertion diameter. When ordering, please check the diameter, etc. of the product specifications.

Using the ideas

How to use #1
This toy can be enjoyed by hetero couples as well as between women. Insert the shorter one inside yourself and the longer dildo into his anus. The feeling of putting it inside him while also enjoying the feeling of being "inside" yourself is very stimulating.
The skin of the anus is very easily cut and bleeds easily, so please take your time and apply plenty of lube. When using anal lubricant, never put the lubricant in the vagina or lick it off. Doing so may cause infection.
This dildo is made of silicone, so it is not necessary to wear a condom, but if you do wear a condom, be careful not to leave it in the anus.

How to use #2
I often see lesbians in adult videos moaning as they insert what looks like a stick with both ends shaped like a penis. Does that really feel good?
Originally, a "two-headed dildo" is something that one person can put in and enjoy the "movement" of freely moving and inserting into the other person. If you have no experience with insertion at all, the size may seem a little large. However, it is not something that you will never feel pain or that you will never be able to insert it, so please take your time and enjoy it by applying lubricant.
For couples who don't want to play a role in sex, try switching sides from time to time. It's hard to keep playing roles, but if you enjoy the roles, you may be able to expand the range of pleasure and enjoyment you get from sex.

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FAQ about products

Q Why is only one side thicker and shorter than the other? A The shorter and thicker ones are basically designed to be inserted by those who "move around a lot". They curve in the vagina and do not fall out easily, making it easier to move around with them inside. Therefore, it is made a little thicker & shorter.
Q I have never had sex with a man before, can I use this? A Of course, you can use it. Strictly speaking, the virgin membrane is not a "membrane" but folds. Therefore, it breaks off after repeated rubbing. This is why the virgin folds are thinner in those who are heavily exercised. It does not mean that you will always bleed the first time you have sex with a man. The first time you put a thick object into your vagina, insert it gently, slowly, gliding it in with plenty of lotion.

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