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FunFactory Click in Charge
"Click n Charge" Charger for FunFactory rechargeable vibes

FunFactory Click in Charge

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●Use with Click n Charge vibes of FunFactory
●USB charging system

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Item Number: 01030013

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It is a dedicated charger for the popular click charge vibe series (rechargeable vibe series made by the brand Fun Factory). It's not the type that plugs into a hole, but the type that clicks on with a magnet. It is easy to charge and the vibe side is completely waterproof. All of the vibes are small, squishy silicone, and made in Germany with great features. It was an outlet type, but now it is a USB type that can be used anywhere in the world. More compact, more global! All FunFactory products after 2014 are equipped with a click charge as standard. There is no need to purchase a separate click charge.

Using the ideas

You'll see how useful this is when you start buying a lot of vibrators. How to avoid creating a corded drawer

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