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It arrived from the stylish brand [CRAVE] from San Francisco. The flat bottom can be freestanding. A new possibility of "show vibes" that are dared to be placed on the bedside to show.



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●Material: Stainless steel, silicone (cap)
●Size: Overall length: 108mm
●Diameter: 19mm
●Weight: 100g
●Sound: ★☆☆☆
●Charging method: USB charging
●Charging time: 4 hours for a full charge, 5 hours for continuous use
●Vibe pattern: 5 types
●Waterproof: Living waterproof
●Country of production: China
●Warranty Period: 1 year

販売価格:¥18,700 (tax included)
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Item Number: 01090137

Points obtained: 850 LPC Points

There are three criteria for choosing a Love Peace Club toy.
Design, functionality, and ease of use
CRAVE is a smart and handsome brand that meets all three of these criteria.
Born in the free air of San Francisco, the Sextoy brand cares about women enjoying their sex in a safe environment.

This time, CRAVE delivered the WINK+ mascara-sized stainless steel vibrator.
The recent Toy is a little too much in terms of function and design, isn't it? So, we've eliminated all the uselessness and stuck to "simplicity".

The curved beauty of the bottom of the toy can stand on its own and can be used as a standalone toy.
The smart, clean and freestanding WINK+ is not to be hidden in a drawer, but to be placed at the bedside as a "show vibe".
Of course, it's the size of a mascara, so it's perfect for carrying around in your cosmetic pouch. If you accidentally drop it from your pouch, it's unlikely to be recognized as a vibe. I also recommend taking it with you on your travels.

There are five different vibe patterns.
The fine vibrations are tickling, tingling and comforting.
The pattern changes every time you click the switch on the bottom, and especially, the vibration of the 4th & 5th stage is powerful!
It is recommended when you want to feel an orgasm at once in the place where the sensitivity has been increased.

It is made of high quality stainless steel, which is a rare material for vibrators, and the feeling of coolness is a spice to play. When I put the blindfold on and make it crawl on the body, the pleasure that I am thrilled and can penetrate runs through the body.
It has the feel of hard stainless steel, but if you want softness and warmth, you can put the included silicone cap on it.

The charging part, which you can't tell from the outside, has a clever gimmick, twist the top of the body counterclockwise to open it, and then twist the USB charging plug clockwise to plug it in like a screw.
The hidden charging part is not only sleek in design, but it also ensures water resistance. It is waterproof and can be quickly washed with water before and after use.

Handsome Toy WINK+ will make your evening exciting. Meet the freshest self you've ever felt!

・It is USB rechargeable. And of course, it's waterproof.
(※This product is waterproof and cannot be used underwater. Please refrain from submerging them in the water.)
・As long as the lamp is blinking red, it is charging. When the color of the lamp changes to blue, it is a sign that charging is complete.
・Leaving the battery for more than a week with a dead charge can damage the battery.

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