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Rainbow Daisy Headband
A handsome daisy head accessory in 6 cute colors, you can use it for anything you can think of! It's perfect for parades and festivals!

Rainbow Daisy Headband

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Circumference: 44cm

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A handsome romantic head accessory with six cute colored daisies.
Recommended to wear at parades, festivals and events!

When you use it as a head accessory, you can wear it across your forehead in a retro hippie style, or you can wear it like a catsuit with the flower at the top of your head.
You can also wear it like a catsuit with the flowers on the top of your head. The position of the headpiece will give you a different impression, so try to find a way to wear it that suits you!

It is recommended to use it as a head accessory, but if you feel embarrassed though it is cute, you can wrap it around a bun, wear it at the base of a knot, or wear it on your wrist or bag.
They are very useful in the season when there are many outdoor events!

By the way, did you know the meaning of this rainbow?
The six-color rainbow is a beloved motif for LGBT rights.
In fact, each color has its own meaning.

Red = life
Orange = healing
Yellow = Sun
Green = Nature
Turquoise = Art
Purple = Spirit

The LGBT rainbow is said to have originated in the United States in the 1970s. Today, it is used all over the world.

Let's show our LGBT solidarity in our own way with stylish head accessories!

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