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All the pleasure is real! This is a very popular piston vibe. This is a confident product from the German luxury brand FUNFACTORY.



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This is the REAL of a very popular piston vibe. It's lighter, leaner, and quieter. I used to think that piston vibes were too heavy and the sound had to be tolerated to some extent, but now I've come this far!
Real is one of the most popular piston vibes in Germany due to its graceful realism.

Above all, let's have sex whenever we want, even if we don't have a partner! This is a "real" toy that was created with that in mind. Maybe you'll enjoy it more than just the real thing, tirelessly, politely, gently, all over, seriously, and without getting bored. I want to have the perfect orgasm! If you want to have a perfect orgasm, I highly recommend REAL!

There are seven speeds and three rhythms to choose from: REAL is a vaginal pistoning toy, but of course it should be used on the clitoris as well. Or rather, it's impossible to suddenly put something in your vagina without heating your clitoris! First of all, let's stimulate your clitoris in a gentle mode. The high quality silicone moisturizes and gently stimulates the clitoris and will heat up the core of your body.

Then you feel your vagina being sufficiently coated, and then you go slowly into the vagina. If you put a little bit of it in at this time, the REAL will go in naturally without using your hands. It's hands-free and you can feel it moving in your vagina and reaching deep.

The great thing about REAL is that it is slimmer and lighter than previous piston vibes, whereas piston vibes tend to be bigger and heavier due to the precision of the pistons.

As a result, it's hands-free and easy to use, and I'm confidently recommending it to women who aren't good at big things but are interested in piston vibes... In addition, they are made in a German factory with high technology, which makes them very quiet. The unique sound and coldness of the machine has faded into a toy that is truly a source of pleasure for us, with a seriousness and accuracy, a tenderness and quietness, a moderate size and ease of use.
It's sized more for Asian women than for Europe. Not too pretty, not too big, just the right feel.

Alone or, of course, as a couple. This is the best piston-toy that I can recommend to anyone who doesn't feel uncomfortable with the shape of their penis. In Germany, we use it as a couple, and when our boyfriend gets tired, we enjoy using it as a REAL! I've heard that some couples use it in Germany when their boyfriends are tired. Or, if you ask your partner to lick while putting REAL, or if you use it alone with the toy for clitoral stimulation when you use it as a set ... it seems to be able to go into the whirlpool of the pleasure that doesn't know where it will be taken firmly.

The "FUN FACTORY" is the German toy brand of the most popular long-established German toy in the world that started in 1996. While many manufacturers have factories in Asia to keep prices down, we have a factory in Germany, where our craftsmen carefully make each and every one of our products. In addition, more than half of the employees at the company's headquarters in Germany are women. It's a very serious brand that makes toys that are very close to women's opinions.

Speaking of FUN FACTORY, we are the pioneer of the first piston vibe in the toy industry. It's been many years since it was released, but no other FUNFACTORY level piston vibe has come out yet. The motor embedded in the vibrator moves up and down...The vibrator moves like a real waist, and the new technology that moves like poking a vagina continues to give a new stimulus to a woman's body still.

It is USB rechargeable. If you can't charge it on your computer, you can also use an adapter (sold separately for 540 yen) to convert it to an electrical outlet.

Using the ideas

It is recommended to use plenty of lotion. The silicone rubber is very smooth and comfortable to touch, but by applying the lotion, the burden on the skin caused by friction with the vibrator is eliminated and the pleasant feeling is deepened.
Especially for the clitoral area, I recommend a lot of is recommended. That way, it feels like you're being gently licked. Enjoy the sensation of being poked in the back of your head and licked, while enjoying the piston movement!

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FAQ about products

Q How do I charge it? A The click-charge charger has a lithium polymer battery built into the vibrator and is 100% waterproof due to the close contact between the operating part and the silicone exterior. Touch the plug (round part) made of the magnet on the side of the charger to the charging part of the vibe (the part with the logo "FUN" at the bottom). When the battery is charged, the charger side (the round FUN part) lights up in red. This magnetic connection connects the vibe to the plug and starts charging.
*Note: Please make sure that these two FUN logos stick together in parallel for a full charge to take place. The plug is only charged when it is correctly positioned at the point where it can be charged (when the red light comes on).
The red light of the FUN logo on the plug indicates that it is connected to the vibe. When charging is complete, the light on the unit will turn off.
The new lithium-polymer technology eliminates the so-called memory effect in charging. The maximum charging time is about 6 hours in the beginning. Operating time is approximately 1 hour of continuous use on a 100% full charge.
*Note: Before using this product for the first time, please fully charge it. The first charge will take up to 16 hours, while a continuous charge may take less than 16 hours depending on the battery level. It usually takes about 8 hours to recharge. If you turn on the plug while using the vibe, the vibe will automatically turn off. When the vibe is released from the plug, you can use the control panel to move it again.
*Note: Before using this product for the first time, please fully charge it. The charge should continue for up to 6 hours. Continuous charging can take up to 6 hours depending on the battery level. If you turn on the plug while using the vibe, the vibe will automatically turn off. When the vibe is released from the plug, you can use the control panel to move it again.
Q If the charger breaks, do I need to change it separately? A We also sell only the charger. There are also many types of Click Charge series. From small to large, piston-like vibrators, men's vibrators, etc... You can enjoy a variety of vibes with a single charger.
Q Do you need a condom? A It's not necessary. We use high quality medical grade silicone. It's very smooth to the touch. Please do not use a condom if possible.
Q Is there any way to make the battery last longer? A Basically, there is no limit to the amount of time the machine can run continuously. The only recommendation for use is to let it rest once for about 15 minutes of continuous use. Also, please note that it may become hot if you leave it running for a long time.

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