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The dream 3-point stimulation ring that opens up the possibility of orgasm. Every time the curve of silicone moves, the perineum is stimulated and you can taste the stimulation from inside and outside



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●Material: Premium Silicone
●Size: plug length 65mm, diameter 16mm-27mm
●Cock ring diameter: 43mm
●Weight: 65g
●Manufacturer: FanFactory
●MADE IN Germany

販売価格:¥7,150 (tax included)
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Item Number: 02030019

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FUN FACTORY" is a long-established German toy brand that started in 1996.
While many manufacturers have factories in Asia to keep prices down, we have had factories in Germany since the company's inception and every product is made by craftsmen, one by one, with great care.
The company's LGBT-friendly policy is also firmly reflected in its products, which have earned the trust of customers with a rich and colorful lineup for all sexualities.

This new toy from FUN FACTORY is a unique toy that is connected like a bridge between a cock ring and an anal plug.
Cock ring + anal plug + perineal bridge = 3 points of simultaneous stimulation ring.

You can get the strong pleasure that can only be obtained in anal. But as you continue to develop your anal, you'll gradually get used to it and you'll want more and more!
This toy is also perfect for such a greedy person! By giving multiple and various stimuli at the same time, the width of the pleasure feeling expands greatly.
On the other hand, the plug is small, so it is recommended for those who want to make their debut with Annapleger!
It can be used from beginner to advanced anglers.

At first glance, it looks like a hard specification with matte black silicone and decorative design, but FUN FACTORY products are characterized by soft and high quality silicone that seems to stick to the skin.
When you actually pick up the ring, the surface of this time's ring is velvety and smooth to the touch, while at the same time maintaining just the right amount of firmness and suppleness, making it a recommended fit for beginners.
Since they come into direct contact with your sensitive skin, you want to make sure they are safe and feel good.

So, what happens when you actually use it?

First of all, let's take a look at the soft and springy anal plug.
The insertion length is about 6.5 cm, which is a small size for a plug, so beginners can use it safely. If you're new to anal toys, you can try them easily.
Because the base is so thin and flexible, it fits any body type or position and stays firmly in place once it's in.
Also, the tip is angled so that it hits the abdominal side (the P-spot that stimulates the prostate) when it is inserted.

The cockring is a little larger at about 4.3 cm in diameter.
Rather than tightening the base of the man's penis, it may be more like "supporting the bridge" where the perineum is stimulated while the anal plug is inserted.

And the biggest feature of this toy is the bridge that stimulates the so-called "perineum" from the base of the penis to the anus!
The bridge rises like a curve, and the bridge is massaged naturally so that the wave of pleasure is sent to the perineum as it is pulled by the movement by pistoning and moving.
The possibility of the orgasm never tasted before is opened by the simultaneous stimulation that the root and the perineum are also stimulated while the anus is stimulated from inside.

You can enjoy it solo or with a partner!
From beginner to pro, you can enjoy it for a long time with this one!
Savor the multiple stimuli in a deep, slow way.

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