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A new product from FUN FACTORY! The small, thin design is safe for women to use. It has even more functions, with 15 different vibration patterns! SUNDAZE" is now on sale!



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●Material: Silicon
●Overall length:175mm
●Maximum diameter:35mm
●Insertion area: 110mm
●Sound:Small ★☆☆☆☆ Big
●Charging method: USB charging
●Charging time: 5 hours
●Usage time:1~3 hours
●Vibration patterns: 11 patterns + 4 rhythms
●Fully waterproof
●With original pouch
●Brand: Fun Factory
●Country of origin:Germany

販売価格:¥27,940 (tax included)
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The concept behind SUNDAZE is the relaxing and liberating feeling you get on a Sunday afternoon.

With a choice of 15 different vibrations, the SUNDAZE can be played with for hours, bringing you to a wonderful feeling of pleasure and orgasm.
Most vibrators only stimulate one part of the body, but SUNDAZE uses three different vibration patterns to stimulate different parts of the body, so you'll never get bored of it.
This is truly a new toy that you'll want to play with for hours on a Sunday afternoon!

FUN FACTORY is a pioneer of pistons, having created the first piston vibe in the toy industry.
The SUNDAZE is equipped with the latest technology of FUN FACTORY, which has been evolving the piston function for a long time.
That's right, the new SUNDAZE is the latest piston vibe powered by an advanced piston motor!
There are five different types of vibes, ranging from powerful to slow-moving pistons, in five different patterns! It's amazing! It's great to be able to use it in accordance with your mood at the time.
What is also surprising is this small form. The SUNDAZE is the smallest and thinnest design in FUN FACTORY, while large and thick sizes are the norm. The size of the SUNDAZE is small enough for women to use with confidence.
Even if you have been afraid of inserting a whole toy, you can use this size without any worries.
You can enjoy it hands-free as well because Toy pistons are pistons for you.

Now, of course the pistons are amazing, but another feature of this SUNDAZE is the tapping vibe function.
Normally, the vibe of the SUNDAZE is based on fine left and right vibrations, but this SUNDAZE vibes forward.

What does "tapping vibe" mean? You might be wondering, "What does that mean?" Well, just imagine being gently poked by a finger.
The soft silicone tip of the tip of the toy vibrates forward as if it were being poked by a finger.
You can place it where you feel it, or find a place to feel it again. With the tapping vibrator, you can enjoy it with your whole body.
There are three types of tapping vibes.
The tip of the SUNDAZE's form is at an angle. It is designed to be easy to insert, but this is not the only reason.
If you place this flat part against the vagina, it will stimulate the entrance of the clitoris and vagina.

Also, the G-spot is said to be on the underside of the clitoris, just behind the second joint of the finger. This flat surface is designed to fetishize the G-spot.
First of all, massage the outside gently with the tapping vibrator, and when your body is ready, insert it a little bit to stimulate the G-spot. Then insert it further in and enjoy it with the piston vibrator!

The design of the tip is easy to apply and insert, so you can enjoy it smoothly.
There are four different patterns of mixed vibrations, so you can enjoy it in various ways.
Even if you accidentally turn it off while playing, you just have to turn it back on within 15 seconds and it will start vibrating the same way.
The beautiful pink color that is typical of FUN FACTORY the beautiful pistachio green is very refreshing.
With its small, gentle shape, the latest piston vibe, and the new tapping vibe, the SUNDAZE, as the name implies, is the kind of toy you'll want to enjoy for hours on a slow Sunday afternoon.

FUN FACTORY is the most popular and well-established toy brand in the world, started in Germany in 1996.
While many manufacturers have factories in Asia in order to keep prices down, FUN FACTORY has a factory in Germany and is committed to handmade by artisans.
In addition, more than half of the employees at the head office in Germany are women. It's a very serious brand that caters to women's opinions and makes toys for users of all sexualities and genders.

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