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This anal plug was made for women. If you insert a dildo or penis into the vagina at the same time, the sensation of penetration will be increased and the climax will be more intense than usual.



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●Material: Premium silicone of the highest quality level
●Size:W75 x H85 x D32mm
Insertion part: max. 29mm x length 71mm
Stopper length: 77mm
●Weight: 37.7g
●Manufacturer: FUN FACTORY (Germany)
●Made in: Germany

販売価格:¥5,500 (tax included)
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FUN FACTORY is one of the world's most popular and well-established German toy brands, launched in 1996.
While many manufacturers have factories in Asian countries to keep product prices low, FUN FACTORY has a factory in Germany, where craftsmen carefully make toys one by one.
More than half of the employees at the German headquarters are women, and this is a very serious brand that not only makes toys that sincerely cater to the opinions of women, but also offers universal designs that are easy to use for everyone, including people of all genders, same-sex couples, and people with disabilities.

From FUN FACTORY comes a revolutionary anal plug for women!
There are many anal plugs available, but the one for women is a rare gem in the toy industry.
It is said that it is difficult for women to have an orgasm only with anal plugs like men do, because women's bodies do not have organs such as prostate along the rectum. However, because the anus is adjacent to the vagina, it is possible for a woman to feel moderate pressure on the vagina from the inside when an anal plug is inserted.
The "BOOTIE FEM" was created with this anatomical structure in mind.
When a dildo or penis is inserted into the vaginal canal at the same time as the BOOTIE FEM is being worn, the sensation of insertion is increased, and it is designed to provide an unusual pleasure.
The narrower vaginal area also allows the man to experience a different kind of pleasure, which can be enjoyed by both of them.
The stopper portion on the vaginal side has been designed to be shortened so that it does not get in the way when a dildo or penis is inserted.

The material used is premium silicone, which is fluffy and extremely soft, making it safe for beginners who feel that anal play is a bit of a hurdle. You can try anal play without any difficulty.
Please enjoy this gentle texture even at the tip, which is like a bud that is about to open. You can also use the tip to stroke the sensitive anal area to soothe and relax you.
The BOOTIE FEM is recommended for both those who have never used an anal plug and those who have already used one. It is a completely new plug that makes regular sex even more pleasurable when worn.

Feature 1: Shape to fit women
The shape of the BOOTIE FEM is designed to anatomically fit the female anatomy. The posterior vaginal wall is very sensitive, but anatomy dictates that it can only be stimulated through the anus. The calculated curvature of the BOOTIE FEM stimulates this posterior wall from the inside. The calculated curvature of the BOOTIE FEM stimulates this posterior wall from the inside, bringing out its orgasmic potential.
The diameter is about two female fingers, which is a comfortable size, and the tip is thin and soft, so beginners can insert it gently and without problems.

Feature 2. enjoy vaginal insertion along with plug insertion! Asymmetrical stopper
Asymmetrical length, thin and distinctive stopper. While normal anal plugs are symmetrical, the BOOTIE FEM is designed so that the stopper on the vaginal side of the plug is shorter when it is inserted. This means that when the plug is inserted, the stopper does not cover the vaginal opening and interfere with vaginal insertion.
In addition, the bud-shaped insertion portion is slightly tilted toward the G-spot. When the BOOTIE FEM is worn, the bulge and angle of the plug naturally compresses the vaginal side and narrows the vaginal canal, making vaginal insertion feel more comfortable than usual! The narrowed vaginal canal provides unusual stimulation for the male side as well.

Feature 3. Solo or Couples Play!
Whether with a partner or solo, the BOOTIE FEM enhances pleasure. Simultaneous plug and vaginal insertion puts pressure on the vaginal walls, making it easier to reach orgasm. In addition, thanks to the angled curvature, the G-spot is stimulated with even more pinpoint accuracy than usual during vaginal insertion.

Recent sexual science has shown that women orgasm when they are stimulated in different parts of their bodies.
This is because, unlike men, women have multiple neural pathways involved in orgasm. The more areas that are stimulated, the greater the state of arousal and the more intense the climax.
Many nerve endings in and around the anus are very sensitive. If the BOOTIE FEM is also worn during vaginal insertion and stimulated at the same time, it will pave the way for a magnificent all-around orgasm. This is the beginning of a new type of plug that raises the bar for orgasm.

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FAQ about products

Q How should I take care of it? A Proper hygiene is extremely important for anal plugs.For cleaning, we recommend "FUN FACTORY Gentle Cleaner 100ml". It is vegan, yet gentle on the body and cleans well. When storing the product, you can use a storage bag like a toysack to keep it clean and easy to store until your next use.
Q Will the outside world know that I am wearing it? A The ergonomic, slim, thin stopper is designed to be inconspicuous from the outside during insertion. It is not noticeable even under tight pants.

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